Mumbai Mirror: Mumbai Skyline To Get A Makeover

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High-rise construction along the city’s coastline could pick up pace, with the state government on redevelopment of old and dilapidated cessed building in coastal belts. Such on-going redevelopment projects will be entitled to higher FSI of 2.5 instead of the current 2. This means that for every square metre of plot area, there can be 2.5sqm of built-up space?

Theme living becomes the new in-thing in India’s metropolitan cities

Leon's World at Rustomjee Athena, Urbania

Leon’s World at Rustomjee Athena, Urbania

Imagine living with Disney characters or having a personal amusement park instead of the regular playground right within your apartment complex. Builders and developers are fast realizing that the moolah is in catering unusually well to specific needs instead of simply meeting up baseline requirements and they are identifying niches, mini target segments to go after. These could be children, sports enthusiasts or senior citizens.

Theme-based projects have kicked off in India and hold a good growth potential. The reason that these types of projects stand out amongst others is because they are marketed differently, target a specified clientele and are customized according to the need of the buyer. Experts believe that even though theme-based residential projects are new to India yet it will grow significantly in the future as there is a novelty factor attached to these projects.

Rustomjee Group in Mumbai also has created dedicated children’s living in some of their projects. They have a knowledge and activity Centre known as ‘The Leons World’ and Yazoo Park in the Evershine Global City project in Virar. Yazoo Park is a 12-acre exclusive amusement park for kids inside the township. Percy S. Chowdhry, Director of Rustomjee Group says that such concepts are likely to gain momentum going forward as people want to experience focused living.

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Rustomjee second runners up for the ‘Excellence in Design Developers’ award at MCHI CREDAI Property 2013


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At India’s biggest property Expo – MCHI CREDAI Property 2013, Rustomjee wins the second runner up position for ‘Excellence in Design Developers’ for their impeccable stall design and display.  The Property 2013, 21st Mega Show Edition of MCHI-CREDAI’s flagship Real Estate Exhibition was … Continue reading

DNA: The redevelopment facilitators

DNA Property Redevelopment Conference cum Exhibition

DNA Property Redevelopment Conference cum Exhibition

The DNA Property Redevelopment Conference cum Exhibition answered queries about redevelopment at an interactive seminar with experts from the industry, who came together to simplify redevelopment for the audience. 

Redevelopment projects undertaken by Rustomjee are – Aspirée at Sion, Oriana at BKC Annex, Sangam at Santacruz and Rustomjee Pinnacle at Borivali.


DNA: Concrete perspectives on redevelopment

Concrete perspective on redevelopment-DNA Property

Concrete perspective on redevelopment-DNA Property

“There should be no dissent among the society members. Select a reputed PMC and follow the 79 (A) process. Ensure there is transparency in the tender and selection process. The society’s expectations should be realistic. Do background check on the developer. Most reputed developers give a similar level of construction quality and amenities. Check for disrupting aspects among the members like pending court cases, etc, that may percent or delay the process.” – Krishna Jhala, Head Redevelopment, Rustomjee.

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Live Tweet chat with CJ Mathews, Head Marketing, Rustomjee

Rustomjee had hosted a live tweetchat with CJ Mathews, Head Marketing at Rustomjee on 27th February, 2013. The chat was focused around the topic “Does online real estate property listing really work?” Read on for comments and insights by CJ Mathews on the credibility of online real estate property listings, key aspects that need to be showcased in an online property listing by any marketeer and the typical sales cycle for these websites.

@cjmatt9 in a live #ChatWithRustomjee @RustomjeeSpaces

CJ Mathews

CJ Mathews, Head Marketing at Rustomjee

Q1. To start with, would you like to name a few online listing websites as a real estate marketer you visit?

A. In no particular order – MagicBricks, iProperty, Makaan, 99acres are some of the real estate websites that we use to promote Rustomjee

Q2. How would you rate the credibility of online real estate property listing websites to make an actual sale?

A. It’s pretty important for real estate that we be where the customer is searching for us. WWW is the add-on medium to be present in & is largely becoming the consumer’s first stop for information. Specifically real estate websites are contributors to the process of lead generation & thus critical.

Q3. What in your opinion are the 3 key things  to showcase when listing a property online?

A. I would love to say just “location, location, location”! However, there is definitely more to it. There are 4 key things – brand, location, configuration, amenities are important to each listing

Q4. How credible are the online property listings, from a buyer’s point of view? What is the typical sales cycle for these websites?

A. There is that little gap in accuracy of info & I believe consumers are aware of this. Thus real estate websites are credible. Sales cycle starts with WWW being the first stop for information. The next step is verifying data – Meetings with real estate agents & visits to projects follow.

Q5. Any personal experience as a marketer on online property listings or tip you want to share?

A. Well I truly understood the capability of these real estate portals about 3 years ago when  I managed a listing for a Rustomjee township. 300 leads in 3 days; which converted into sales! Tip – Make sure to be on real estate portals but keep an eye on their traffic to get better results

@cjmatt9, Head Marketing on a live tweet #ChatWithRustomjee @RustomjeeSpaces

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Valentine’s Day celebration at Global City, Virar


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Our team members at Global City, Virar (W) celebrated the Valentine’s Day by dressing in various shades of red and participating in a card making competition! A lot of thought went into creation of the heart shaped cards helping the … Continue reading