Rustomjee Urbania Hosts Football League Cum Knock Out Tournament

Sport is such an intrinsic part of our lives, ever since our school days we are encouraged to play sports. One of the most popular sports in the world is football and right now the world cup fever has gripped the globe. Celebrating the love for football in our children Rustomjee Urbania has organized the Football League Cum Knock Out Tournament.

To be held on the 14th and 15th of July at the Rustomjee Cambridge International School Ground, the tournament will have teams in two categories – Under 16 and Under 10. The teams will have 5 players each with 3 rolling substitutes. The duration of each match will be 20 minutes with each half consisting of 10 minutes. It’s going to be an exciting event and if it rains – that will surely be the cherry on the cake for the footballers!

The tournament will not only encourage kids to take up sports but will also inculcate in them a team spirit and sportsmanship. They will learn that discipline and adherence to the rules is as important as winning – play the game and play it well.

There are several prizes up for grabs for those children and teams who excel on the field. These include:

1. Man of the match for each match to be played.
2. Best Player of the tournament.
3. Top goal scorer of the tournament!!!
4. Medals to the top 4 teams (Gold – winner, Silver- 1st Runners up, Bronze – 2nd and 3rd Runners up)
5. Trophies to the winning team
6. Participation certificate to all the players

Details at a Glance:

The Little League Football Tournament
Event dates: 14th and 15th July, 2018
Time: 9 am onwards
Entry Fee: Rs 100/- per child
Last Date of Registration: 7th July, 2018
Venue: Leon’s World Centre, Rustomjee Cambridge International School Ground, Rustomjee Urbania, Thane (W)
To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

About the Tournament:

It’s a 5-a-side (5 +3 rolling substitutions) football league cum knock out tournament. The tournament will be for two days i.e. 14th & 15th July, 2018.

Terms and Condition:

1. There will be two categories of team. Under 16years (as on date) and under 10years (as on date).
2. Entry fee per kid will be Rs100 (Only cash to be accepted). Last date of registration is 7th July, 2018.
3. The duration of match will be of 20 minutes (Each half will be of 10 minutes).
4. Each team will have 5 players and 3 rolling substitutes. No player can play in two different teams or category.

Note: – Tournament rules and regulations to be strictly followed. Referee decision will be considered as the final decision. Any team getting into conflict will be disqualified from the tournament.

Houseful! As The Gruffalo is Staged at Leon’s World

Stories give wings to a child’s imagination and theatre brings those very story to life; making it a more reactive experience for the kids. To see and hear the characters they have read about is a wonderful opportunity to understand the nuances of the story.

The staging of The Gruffalo, a popular tale by Julia Donaldson, at the Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development on the 1st of July was a big hit with the kids and their parents. In fact, over 150 children and their parents came to watch the play and given the capacity of the hall, it was staged twice to ensure that no one missed out on this excellent opportunity.

Shreedevi Sunil of the The Talking Turtles Storytellers presented the story using puppets. The audience was spell bound as she used the animal puppets as an interesting visual storytelling tool to unfold the tale of the clever little mouse who manages to outwit a fox, an owl, a snake and finally even the Gruffalo, an animal who is half grizzly bear, half buffalo. Her amazing voice modulation to portray the voices of the different animals was an art in itself and really had the kids hanging on to every word.

Leon’s World Centre makes it a point to bring interesting new theatre performances to Rustomjee Urbania every month. The benefits of theatre on the minds of children are many, not least being the fact that they are enjoying themselves and being entertained beyond the realm of electronic media. This is one instance where they are actually happy to be ‘unplugged’.

Swarangan – a recital of classical music at Leon’s World

William Shakespeare wrote, ‘if music be the food of love, play on,’ and indeed this is how most people feel when they hear the mellifluous strains being extracted from an instrument by a trained musician.

Music is such an important part of our lives, uplifting our spirits and adding a new dimension to the ordinary. Scientific studies have shown that children who learn music show an increased blood flow to the brain and also improved memory and reading skills.

Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development encourages young children to pursue their passion for music. Here children can learn Hindustani Classical Music from the Ajivasan Institute by Suresh Wadkar Ji. The institute is renowned for providing scientific training in Hindustani Classical Music and the students have had the opportunity to perform with the master himself on several occasions. Ajivasan aims at spreading music education employing a practical and scientific method which widens the individual’s ability to use his/her potential to 100%. At the Ajivasan academy, they believe that a Guru passes on his knowledge of music to the disciples hoping that they learn to live the art.

The students of the Ajivasan Academy at the Leon’s World will be performing at an event titled “Swarangan” on 8th July. The audience will be regaled with an hour of soulful music performed by the students which will include solo and group performances by the singers. Come and feel your soul being uplifted by the Ragas that are such a rich part of our traditional and cultural heritage.

Details at a Glance:

Swarangan by Ajivasan Academy
Venue: Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development, Rustomjee Urbania, Thane(W)
Date: 8th July, Sunday 2018
Time: 11:00 am (1 hour event)
To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

Beware! The Gruffalo Comes to Leon’s World

Children love the fantasy world of stories and one of these stories that has captured the attention of thousands of children since it was published almost 20 years ago – The Gruffalo written by Julia Donaldson.

The Talking Turtles Storytellers are bringing this tale alive for kids by staging it as a puppet show at the Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development. The story is that of a little mouse who lives in the woods, one day he is met in turn by a fox, an owl and a snake, all of them want to eat him and make a pretense of inviting him to their home. But the quick witted mouse tells them he is waiting for his friend, an imaginary creature he thinks up, the Gruffalo who is half grizzly bear, half buffalo and describes the creature’s fearsome attributes and also lets them know that if the Gruffalo met them, he would surely eat them up. After thus escaping from certain death, the mouse is horrified to come face to face with an actual Gruffalo. Here again, the mouse uses his intellect and convinces the Gruffalo that he, the mouse, is in fact the most fearsome creature in the woods. How does he do that? Come watch the Gruffalo and see the shenanigans of the clever little mouse who once again proves that brains are mightier than brawn.

The story will be narrated by Shreedevi Sunil using the art of puppetry. The animal puppets are an interesting visual storytelling tools that captivate the attention of the audience. Talking Turtles Storytellers was founded over 7 years ago by Shreedevi and her partner Deepa Panchal. Since 2010 she has been engaging children in stories using a variety of storytelling tools.

Details At a Glance:

The Gruffalo: A Puppet Play
Presented by: Talking Turtles Storytellers
Venue: Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development,Rustomjee Urbania,Thane(W)
Date: 1st July 2018
Age Group: 3 to 60 years
Time: 11.30am -12.30pm
Tickets: Rs 300 per person.
To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

Workshop on Successful Teenage Transition at Rustomjee Leon’s World

Teenage is a time for some major adjustments in life and attitude. Most teenagers experience some amount of angst and confusion given the fact that they are dealing with not only physical changes but changes in their social set up. Being in the ‘in-between’ phase of life – not a child and not quite an adult is rather stressful.

Rustomjee, staying true to its vision of being a ‘thoughtful’ builder and providing safe environs in their projects where ‘Childhood’s Available’ recognize that teenagers need some assistance when it comes to crossing this important bridge in their lives and that is why Rustomjee has organized a special workshop on Successful Teenage Transitions on 24th June 2018 at the Rustomjee Cambridge International School. The workshop will be a first step towards guiding teenagers to be accepting and happy with who they are; to figure out who they truly are, develop a strong sense of self, find their purpose in life and follow their dreams

In our 2 hour interaction, teenagers will actively work with Life Transitions Coach – Pratiksha Seth to achieve the following:

• Reflection & Introspection – “Who Am I?”
• Get rid of your Self-Limiting Beliefs – Growth mindset
• Create a Vision for the Future – Goal setting
• Focus on your Priorities – Time management
• Manage your Emotions – Dealing with stress
• Positive Peer Interaction – Social acceptance

Essentially, the workshop will equip teenagers with the ability to be ready for life.

Parents can rest assured that their teens will be guided by the right experienced and professional person. The facilitator of the workshop, Ms. Pratiksha Seth is an entrepreneur and educationist by passion. She undertakes training and coaching assignments for large corporate houses such as the Tata Group, Indian Oil, Vodafone, HDFC Bank, Siemens, among others.

As a corporate trainer she specializes in all areas of Behavioral Skills, facilitates Focus Group Discussions, conducts Development & Assessment Centers. Since last 5 years she is a visiting faculty at NMIMS School of Distance Learning where she teaches post graduate students Communication, HR & Management subjects. She is a certified Life Coach from Symbiosis Coaching and The Certified Coaches Alliance. Her forte is coaching parents and students experiencing educational and career transitions.

Details at a Glance:
Successful Teenage Transitions with Life Coach Pratiksha Seth
Venue: Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Rustomjee Urbania, Thane(W)
Date: 24th June, Sunday
Time: 11.30am – 1.30pm
Age Group: 12 – 16 years
Entry Fee: Rs 200 per child
To register, call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

Beauty and The Beast in Mumbai!!

Theatre is a wonderful way to engage young minds and get them away from their gadgets and no one knows that better than the Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development. Continuing with its promise to bring new and exciting stories to the stage , on 3rd June, Sunday, Leon’s World will be hosting A Twisted Tale of Beauty and the Beast.

Presented by the Ethiros Theatre Group, written by Reynold D’sa and directed by Nishil Kamalan, the play is set not in the usual ‘land far, far away’ but right in the heart of Mumbai – Bandra. Of course, the Beast had moved with the times and so amongst his slaves he also has a mobile that talks and dances. Others at his beck and call are a clock that tick-tocks to any tune, a panda who doesn’t do anything and a clown who does everything! Characters like these are sure to cause mess ups and amidst the chaos there are subtle messages for the young audience. So will Beauty fall in love and will the Beast be turned into a handsome prince – watch the play to see the end of this ‘twisted’ tale.

The Ethiros Theatre Group has been presenting plays and conducting Theatre workshops for corporate, adults and kids, amongst their other productions are Future Tense(d), procrastiNATION.

Details at a Glance:

Play: A Twisted Tale of Beauty and the Beast

Presented by: Ethiros Theatre Group

Venue: Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development, Rustomjee Cambridge International School,Rustomjee Urbania, Thane(W)

Date: 3rd June, Sunday

Time: 12pm – 1pm

Age group: 5 to 60 years

Tickets: Rs 250 (Entry free for children below 5 years)

To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

Box Cricket Tournament At Rustomjee Urbania

What’s the one thing that brings almost everyone in this country together? Cricket! And what better way to spend a day with friends and family than to participate in a box cricket tournament!

Rustomjee Urbania has organized the box cricket tournament on the 9th of June to encourage kids and families to come together and enjoy a lovely day with a sporting spirit and good cheer.

Open to the residents of Urbania, there would be 24 teams participating with kids being divided into tams as per their age – under10, 12 and 14. There would be 6 players in a team of which 2 have to be female players. A match would be played for 6 overs comprising of six balls each.

This is the perfect opportunity for families and friends to enjoy the last few days of the summer vacation before schools begin and the rains put a damper on most sports. So register your entries and may the best team win!

Details at a Glance:

6-A-side box cricket tournament

Over arm bowling

6-6 over’s match

Each team should have 2 female players

Age group: Under 10, 12 & 14

Entry Fee: Rs. 200 per player

Date: 9th June 2018

Time: 10am to 5pm

Venue: Festival Plaza, Rustomjee Urbania,Thane(W)

To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

Activities Galore at the Urbania Summer Fest

The Urbania Summer Fest at the Rustomjee Urbania has just been one fun filled day after another and the kids attending the events and workshops (and their parents) could not be happier.

The important thing is that the children are learning new skills and doing it in a playful fun way – the best way to learn and assimilate knowledge for life, which is the basic premise on which all workshops and classes are organized a the Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development, Rustomjee Urbania.

Some of the activities the kids participated in last week included physical as well as mental challenges. Skating was one thing that the children really enjoyed and they looked quite adorable in their skating gear, while listening intently to the coach’s instructions. Rubik’s Cube classes were introduced for the first time over the weekend to improve the cognitive skills and concentration of children. They learnt not only how to solve a Rubik’s Cube but also how to do various tricks with it like getting different colours in the four corners of a cube face or getting a different coloured line down one face of the cube. It was wonderful to see the looks of amazement on the children’s faces as they accomplished the Rubik’s Cube for themselves.

Another interesting activity for the kids was the Voice-Over Demo organised by the GMC. It not only trained the children on improving their communication skills but also gave them a glimpse into a whole new career option. They were encouraged to give a dub a clip for an animated character and taught how they could modulate their voice and get the right inflections to suit the character on the screen and the mood of the scene.

Even though the summer vacations are coming to an end, the fun will not set at Rustomjee Urbania, as Leon’s World Centre will continue with classes, workshops and celebrations throughout the year.

Leon’s World Presents La La Land on Sunday, 13th May 2018

Another Sunday, and as promised by Leon’s World, another wonderful play to delight young audiences this summer. On the 13th of May, which incidentally is also Mother’s Day this year, Leon’s World will host a most spellbinding play – La La Land. Presented by Theatrix, the play has been written and directed by Huseini Dawawala.

The central character in La La Land is Rahul, a typical boy of today who is totally into technology and video games. Though he is intelligent, he is not interested in studies and barely touches his books. Naturally this is a matter of great concern to his parents who are worried about his grades and school and are constantly asking him to study. Rahul finds their concern to be very irritating and one day out of anger he throws and disrespects his books. At that time Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge appears before him and curses him. He becomes embroiled in the classic fairy tales and he is cursed to help and rescue they good characters in the stories even as he battles against the evil ones. Thus the drama unfurls as fantasy and reality mix and we see Rahul taking on different avatars as he saves Aladdin, Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. The play has a moral or two in store for the kids but it is conveyed in a very interesting and non-preachy manner.

It certainly is a great way to spend a Sunday morning with family and friends – come get lost in the fantasy world of La La Land!

Details at a Glance:

Date: 13th May, 2018 – Sunday
Time: 11.30am – 12.30pm
For Ages: 3 years and above
Entry fee: Rs. 200 per person
Title: La La Land; By Theatrix
Duration: 50 mins
To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

Leon’s World Hosts Avantibai – The unexpected hero of Ramgarh

When one speaks of brave female warriors of India practically everyone has heard of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi, but there is one other brave queen who had stood against the atrocity of the British and died trying to defend her kingdom. This unsung heroine from Indian history is Rani Avantibai, the wife of Vikramjeet Singh, the ruler of Ramgarh (in modern day Madhya Pradesh). She was one of the valiant rulers who fought against the British in the first war for independence in 1857. Though she fought bravely, her army stood no chance against the might of the British and Avantibai finally preferred to take her own life and become a martyr rather than be captured by the British.

It is this story of bravery and sacrifice which is being brought to life in the play Avantibai – The unexpected hero of Ramgarh which will be staged on the 10th of February 2018 at the Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development, Rustomjee Urbania. Rani Avantibai has become a part of folklore and her courageous tale will be dramatically staged by Dr Pooja Jain. The play will be followed by an interactive session where the children can participate in activities and reflect on the various aspects of the story.

The play Avantibai – The unexpected hero of Ramgarh ‘ will be staged at Leon’s World Centre, Rustomjee Urbania on the 10th of February 2018, from 10.15 – 11.15 am (reporting time at the venue is 9.45am) for children aged 4 – 10 years. Tickets are priced at Rs 250/- per person.