Father’s Day – My Dad, My Hero!

Mothers may be the primary caregivers in most families but it is the fathers who normally take on the role of leading their kids on a journey of exploration and adventure in this wonderful world around us. Fathers are the ones who teach their sons to kick a football and their daughters to brook no nonsense from anyone. From studies to just plain rough housing, dads feature quite prominently in every child’s life.

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This is why it is unfortunate that fathers don’t get much time to spend with their kids when they are busy in their respective careers. Very often, when they are stuck in the rat race it is difficult to take time out and look at the bigger picture – the kids whom they are working so hard to provide for are growing slowly but steadily out of childhood.

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The time to bond and crate memories that your children will cherish is in their foundation years. Rustomjee understands the constraints that fathers face on their time and energy which is why its homes are created with world class amenities that encourage family time. Fathers can spend time teaching their kids swimming, enjoying some music, lie back and gaze at the stars, explore nature or go for a spin on a cycle all within the secure environs of Rustomjee townships. With the hassle of travelling to a destination, fathers have more time to bind with their kids rather than just face frustrating traffic jams.

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In fact, this Father’s Day, on 19th June, why not plan to spend the whole day dedicated to being just a ‘dad’? Plan a whole slew of activities that you love doing with your family. Get to know your kids again on a whole new level and truly connect. They say every dad is a hero in their children’s eyes, this Father’s Day resolve to be a Super Hero!

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Kids, you too can make your father feel special on Father’s Day – Participate in the Rustomjee Father’s Day contest. Leave a message for your dad, #ThankYouDad , telling him what he means to you and what a difference he makes in your life. Loads of interesting prizes to be won!

Highlights from Urbania Summer Fest 2016!

The central boulevard of Rustomjee Urbania, Thane came alive over the weekend of 30th April and 1st May as the Urbania Summer Fest attracted over a 1000 families to enjoy a myriad of activities in the pristine settings of the township. Everyone from ‘2 to 72 year olds’ had a grand time. The live band, magic show, mimicry ensured that the center stage was always thronged by a crowd. The games and adventure sports appealed to the young and young at heart while the joyful squeals of the toddlers on the jumping castle, trampoline and toy train put a smile on all faces.


Learn some cool self-defense moves at the Judo workshop

Learn some cool self-defense moves at the Judo workshop


Get your groove on with these smooth B-Boying moves

Get your groove on with these smooth B-Boying moves

Do it like the Japanese – throw your weight around like a Sumo Wrestler

Do it like the Japanese – throw your weight around like a Sumo Wrestler

Get rid of your rage by smashing your opponent in Body Zorbing.

Get rid of your rage by smashing your opponent in Body Zorbing.


Get the thrill of soaring up high on a Bungee Trampoline

Get the thrill of soaring up high on a Bungee Trampoline

Get the thrill of soaring up high on a Bungee Trampoline

Get the thrill of soaring up high on a Bungee Trampoline

Urbania Summer Fest 2016 – A Time for Family!

The Urbania Summer Fest was a weekend of exciting adventure, fun and family time. This was the second edition of the annual fair hosted at the Rustomjee Urbania in Thane. The fest was thoughtfully organized to ensure that every family member, toddlers, parents and grandparents had an amazing time and bonded over some exciting adventure games and entertainment. As the sun set the amazing lights display lit up the venue in a rainbow of colours and made the evening even more magical.

The coolest war ever! Beware, paintballs do hurt!

The coolest war ever! Beware, paintballs do hurt!

Get to feel like the king of the track on your ATV bike

Get to feel like the king of the track on your ATV bike

Turn your world upside down and have a ball while Zorbing

Turn your world upside down and have a ball while Zorbing

Why walk when you have a Hoverboard?

Why walk when you have a Hoverboard?


Little tykes look cool in this set of wheels!

Little tykes look cool in this set of wheels!

Target practice at the rifle shooting range

Target practice at the rifle shooting range

Target practice at the rifle shooting range

Target practice at the rifle shooting range

All aboard! Kids loved the toy train ride

All aboard! Kids loved the toy train ride

Zip, Zap, Zoom away on the skate board!

Zip, Zap, Zoom away on the skate board!

Urbania Summer Fest – Weekend of Family Masti

Rustomjee Urbania, Thane, hosted the Urbania Summer Fest 2016 – a time for fun and adventure for the whole family right from ‘2 to 72 year olds’! The fest was planned with the same amount of thoughtfulness that Rustomjee puts into all its projects to ensure that everyone from the tiny tots to the adrenaline junkies and the grandparents, all had a great time.

We bring you a few glimpses from the most awesome summer fest that Thane has ever seen.

1)The fun meter touched new highs as the kids climbed to the top of the Bouncy Castle!
Bouncy castle

2) Some deadly shooting at the Balloon Shoot.
Balloon shoot

3) Ever feel like you’re going nowhere but the journey’s such fun? Try the Bungee Run.
Bungee run

4) Shrieks, shouts and squeals at the thrilling Bungee Trampoline.
Bungee trampoline

5) Indian Saga turns on the heat with their music.

6) Right out of the wild, wild, West – the Rodeo Bull’s a special treat.
Bull ride

7)The best way to beat stress, and your partner! – Body ZorbingBody Zorbing

8)Everyone’s favourite Doremon was in demand with the selfie seekers

9)The magic show leaves the audience spell bound
Magic show

10)The best fitness workout at the Obstacle course
Obstacle course

11) The Segway is a smooth ride

12)Tug of war an old classic test of strength and skill
Tug of War

13)Walking tall, this stilt walker had everyone looking up to him
Stilt walker

Summer is Here

“I am Summer, come to lure you away from your computer… come dance on my fresh grass, dig your toes into my beaches,” Oriana Green sure hit the nail on the head when she described summer in these lyrical words. Summer is indeed a time to break free – from work, routines and general drudgery.

Memories of childhood in particular are mainly about how the summer vacations were spent, we all have our own favourite #summerstories. For those who lived in the city, a trip to the native place and old family home was mandatory. Shedding the sheen of city life, for a brief spell one was granted the opportunity of being one with nature – the large courtyards of the village bungalow, discovering new plants and perhaps even bugs and other creatures; running free in the fields, the joy of being able to climb a mango tree and eat the fruit fresh off the branch!


The months prior to summer were spent planning vacations – where to go, what to do and a trip abroad was a special treat indeed. Of course, there are almost two months of summer break from school and not all of them can be spent travelling, so there were the picnics planned with friends; days spent playing cricket matches with concerned mothers providing break time refreshments; sometimes, the ‘uncles’ from the society would organize nature walks in the local park, hearing them describe the flora and fauna would be fodder for much mirth among the kids on the threshold of adolescence. And who can forget the memories of all too brief summer romances which usually washed away with the first rains!


Summer is like being granted a reprieve from daily life and actually getting a chance to live – enjoy those few bright days to the fullest. It is summer when the age boundaries are diffused and the old and young alike imbibe the liberating spirit of the season.

Which is what Rustomjee Urbania understands very well and has therefore conceived and presented a summer festival like no other. At the Urbania Summer Fest, age is no bar and right from 2 years olds to 72 year olds will be able to enjoy the myriad of activities. Families can enjoy the stage performances and street acts like jugglers, mimicry artists, dance performances, clowns, and stilt walkers. For young adults there are all manner of adventure activities to get the adrenalin running like Paintball, ATV Bike, Sumo Wrestling, Rodeo Bull, Body Zorbing, Laser Tag, Rifle Shooting and many more…. The little tykes are sure to enjoy the bouncing castle, face painting, magic show, toy train and other activities planned specially for their safe enjoyment. Its two days of pure, unadulterated summer fun!



Every summer has a story – let this one be about the Urbania Summer Fest

On Top of the World!

There are those who were born to the high life and those who work hard towards it. In a city like Mumbai, a person’s status depends largely on their home. Not just the way the interiors are done up but exactly where the home is located – here a higher floor literally implies living the good life. One has to #LiveHighToDiscover the joys and perks of being high above the city and experience being on top of the world. For those who wonder what the fuss is all about, we decode the secrets of the high floors for you…

Breathtaking Views: There is something about seeing things from a height that changes the perspective completely. The squalor of slums, the ceaseless flow of traffic, the small oasis of green parks and playgrounds, all become part of a canvas, one that is forever changing form and pulsating with life. Even at night the twinkling lights create a mesmerizing vista which you can gaze upon endlessly. The higher floors give you that distance from the city where you can enjoy its pace without being dragged down by it.

Your own piece of sky: Let’s face it, with buildings coming up all over the city, most often you find one building facing the other and all the apartments are forced to have curtains and blinds if they wish to have any sense of privacy. Yogeeta Sinha, a software professional and mother of two says, “when we were living in our earlier house on the second floor, the only view was the kitchen in the building opposite us. It was rather depressing. Now when we have moved to a high rise and are living on the 33rd floor, suddenly I find myself with my own piece of sky! My kids have even set up a telescope in the living room balcony to see the stars; something that was impossible in our earlier home.”

Live beyond shadows: Up on a high floor, your home will be beyond the reach of shadows. With the morning sunlight streaming into your home and fresh air wafting through it, this is the closest you will come to the feeling of living in the clouds. “I come from a small town in Himachal where our house was on the hillside, here when I got a job in Mumbai, I dreaded the idea of living in a house which was overshadowed by other buildings and having pollution all around me. Luckily I managed to get a house on the 20th floor, it is not exactly what I was used to but it’s the closest I will come to that atmosphere in this city,” avers Ramesh Bisht.

Rising above: The higher you live the more you are removed from the drudges of city life. No more are you troubled by the blare of horns in the traffic, pests like flies and mosquitoes don’t bother to come up to the high floors, the loudspeakers at festive time get muted and even pollution loses its sting at these heights.

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Whether its issues of security, privacy or peace and quiet; the higher floors offer a major advantage in all aspects. And now, one can avail of these benefits at no additional cost – Rustomjee Urbania presents a unique offer in the tallest tower in Thane, the Azziano. Rustomjee will be levying absolutely no floor rise charge from the 32nd to the 36th floors. Moreover, the 2 and 3 BHK apartments here start from Rs 1.36 crore, all inclusive! This is the perfect opportunity to experience life in the skies, don’t miss it!

Reach for the sky – the lure of the ‘high’ life!

Mumbai is fast becoming a vertical city – the lack of land and the demands of a growing population that needs housing has led to more high rises being built and skyscrapers are now the rule rather than the exception.

The real estate sector which came up with such terminology and pricing which included built-up and super built-up area now has a new way to charge more for homes – floor rise charges. In simple terms it means that the higher the floor you choose to live on, the more you have to pay per sq foot of space. The rate is not standardized and could range between Rs 25 – Rs 100 per sq ft extra for the higher floors.

Developers of course claim that the charge is justified and indeed there are many who are willing to pay more to grab their place in the lofty heights. The reasons why higher floors command a premium are many, these include:

• View: With so many high rise buildings all over the city, the higher the floor, the better the view. On the lower floors, your view is likely to get blocked by other buildings, trees etc

• Privacy: Let’s face it, the buildings are coming up really close to each other and if you don’t want neighbours getting a peek into your home. Matters can get worse if the building is close to a flyover. Thus,its best to be on a floor which towers over other buildings and possibly only the birds can look in on you.

• Light: Lower the floor, greater the chances of light and ventilation getting blocked by other constructions. Higher floors are unencumbered by such hindrances.

• Pollution: Dust and pollution through the day find their way into the lower floors. The same holds true for mosquitoes as well. The higher the floor the easier you can breathe, literally!

• Noise: The noise of traffic, festive celebrations, children playing etc all gets diffused by the time they reach the higher floors. For those seeking peace and quiet, going up is the only option.

• Security: Depending on how the building and the complex is designed security could be an issue on the lower floors. In that aspect, higher floors definitely present a safer option. Also, on the lower floors one may have to spend more on window grills and other security features as well.

Given the many benefits of living on higher floors and the increased status that is perceived to be attached to them, it isn’t surprising to find people willing to pay more. Which is why, for all those aspiring to get their own piece of the sky, Rustomjee Urbania has an amazingly unique offer – the opportunity to experience living in the skies, at no additional cost, in the iconic Azziano, the tallest tower in Thane. Rustomjee will be levying absolutely no floor rise charge from the 32nd to the 36th floors. Add to this the fact that 2 and 3 BHK apartments here start from Rs 1.36 crore, all inclusive!

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Rise to dizzying heights #LiveHighToDiscover and enjoy the feeling of being on top of the world – without having to pay extra for it – now that’s a deal that’s a win-win all the way.

Family comes first

If you ask any person, rather any family man, why is he working? The reply is going to be – for his family, to give his children a good standard of living, to be able to save for their future, ensure that they want for nothing and get the best possible education….the list is endless.

Now ask that same person how much family time he actually gets to spend with his family and children, and you will find that it’s probably no time at all – unless you count sitting around the television and eating dinner or mall trips on Sunday as quality time!

Why just the men, even women are facing the same issue. Whether it’s working moms or home makers, our fast paced living, our constant running between activity classes and never ending list of chores leaves little time for mothers to actually spend quality time with their children. Our schedules are so exhausting that most of our leisure time with the family is spent just 10 minutes before calling it a day.

Modern sociological research claims that quality leisure time is crucial for the well-being of families. The regularity of family activities not only improves intimacy in the family but also teaches children the value of emotional support and dependence.

One of the main reasons for this seemingly dysfunctional family style is that homes today, in general, are such that there is literally no space for the family to indulge in any activities together. Very few societies in Mumbai have even a small basic garden or clubhouse – where is the space?!

Family Time

Myspace recognizes this need for families to indulge in activities together and just enjoy spending time with each other. The well planned and designed amenities allow you to bond with your family and loved ones through a gamut of amenities. Whether it’s taking a leisurely walk or just star gazing, getting competitive at tennis or teaching your child to swim, pursue a hobby like learning the guitar or painting – at any time of day, to suit your pace and whim, there is a new prism of life just waiting to be explored.

In a city like Mumbai where travel kills the mood and eats into all your time leaving you frustrated, having these facilities at your doorstep adds time to your day. For those who wished there were more hours in a day, their wish is fulfilled here. Instead of ferrying your children to different classes and activity centers across the city, find everything just as soon as you step over the threshold. You don’t need to schedule time, you don’t need to wait for the weekend – everyday feels like a weekend as soon as you get home!

With the opulence of space and time which has been specially crafted for you, a family is born anew and you learn so much about each other all because you were granted the rare boon of space.

Make space for the soul

In the quest to climb the corporate ladder or chase professional success, it’s generally the things we love most that get left behind. Rekindling a lost hobby, spending quality time with the family and reconnecting with old friends seem to be on everyone’s wish-list, but then life happens. With success comes the scarcity of time. Somewhere lies that guitar waiting to be strummed, the canvas waiting to be painted on and junior waiting to play football or go horse-riding with dad.

But it is never too late. Global research on productivity shows that picking up a hobby or rekindling lost passions can boost output at work. Here are some reasons to go out of your way to reconnect with your soul:

Hobbies help relieve stress

Research claims practicing a hobby or any other activity that we enjoy is a good stimulator for the brain. It activates the areas of the brain that makes us feel happy and improve our sense of optimism about life.


Hobbies recharge you emotionally

According to Carol Kauffman, a Harvard Medical School assistant clinical professor, hobbies put us into something called ‘flow states.’ These flow states recharge your mental and emotional batteries, and are the reason why we often lose track of time when we’re doing something fun. Music, dance, fitness, sports, even bonding with children are all activities that encourage you into the ‘flow state.’


Hobbies give you confidence and self-esteem

Business coach and psychotherapist Michelle P Maidenberg says that relying only on their role and success at the workplace to foster self-esteem cannot typically fulfill all emotional needs of successful people. And if you are unhappy with your performance at work, you are more inclined to define yourself as inadequate. On the contrary a multi-facted identity like being a businesswoman, or a father, wife, artist, cook, can easily reflect on your success in other things. A break from routine helps develop new ways of thinking, opines psychotherapist Gail McMeekin.

Making time for a hobby

Recreation activities give creative bursts of energy, and also help in finding solutions to other pressing problems in life. But where is the time? In a routine where we always feel the time crunch, making time for fun becomes even more difficult. Therefore an effective way is to build hobby or me-time in your schedule, even if for fifteen minutes a day or an hour every week to begin with.

We spend much of our free time watching TV or surfing the net or visiting malls. That time can be utilised instead to do something more meaningful for you. Create a space just for yourself; a den to play your long-forgotten guitar or a corner desk to begin writing or do yoga or play chess with your family.


Take your children to the garden in the complex, watch them play, teach them a thing or two, see how life blossoms.

And while you are at it, you will soon notice that you are immersed in the moment forgetting about work and related worries that you had carried back home. Try these for a couple of weeks, these simple fun tasks become a habit and you will notice that you are indeed reconnecting with your soul!