Making Friends With My Nation

When it comes to celebrating Friendship Day we all do the usual – get gifts for our close friends, tie friendship bands, message greetings to everyone in your contact list, plan a party….But have you ever thought about doing something truly meaningful? What about appreciating those who selflessly sacrifice so much to ensure that we are safe and able to carry on with our daily lives in comfortable security? Yes, we are talking about the brave men and women of the armed forces who live away from their families, face the harshest conditions guarding our borders and do it all because they take pride in our nation. They are our true friends, who put our welfare before their own!

This friendship day Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development has planned something very special for the young children who are the future of our nation. In order to inculcate in them a sense of national pride and appreciation for the work done by our armed forces, a number of activities have been planned. Children will be encouraged to use the Open Mic session to showcase their patriotic spirit. They will also learn some cool moves and learn to dance to a patriotic song. For those who are well versed in the history of the nation there is an exciting Freedom Quiz. Children will be enthralled by the dramatized narration of the story of freedom fighter Avanti Bai. In keeping with the tradition of Friendship Day, the kids will learn how to make Friendship bands for their fellow Indians. And best of all, in order to thank the Indian soldiers for their selfless service to the nation and its citizens, they will all make greeting cards which will be posted to the soldiers.

Friendship Day is a day to appreciate all those who make a difference in our lives – let’s show our appreciation for those who ensure we all have peace and security in our lives.

Details At a Glance

Making Friends With My Nation
Date: 11th August 2019
Venue: Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning & Development, Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Rustomjee Urbania, Thane(W)
Time: 10:30 am to 1:30 pm
Age:4 Years and Above
Entry charges : Rs.150 per person
To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

Have a Hopping Good Time at The Monsoon Splash – Rustomjee Urbania

For the first time ever, probably, in the history of Thane is a festival that is completely dedicated to celebration of the monsoons. The Monsoon Splash gives everyone the opportunity to hop their way into some monsoon fun. It will be a combination of science, literature, art, craft and sports with some healthy mud play thrown in as well!

And what better mascot for the season than the adorable frog! In fact if there is any one creature that is instantly associated with the rains, it is the frog and one can hear their chorus of croaks in the evenings as soon as the first puddles begin to form. Frogs appear as cute characters in many a childhood tale and it is fun to watch them hop around in the puddles – much like our kids who can’t resist a splash in muddy puddles. More importantly, frogs are considered to be an indicator species by scientists. Their ability, as amphibians, to live on both land and water makes them uniquely suited for studies by scientists regarding the health of our environment.

So this monsoon, there are going to be several workshops and games all centered on our signature creature for the season – the Frog. Participants will come to know a lot more about the lives of frogs through the special film presentation. Games include Frog Race, Jumping Contest, Umbrella Relay, Water Bucket Race, Frog Skipping as well as less strenuous ones like Lifecycle Memory Game, Hop on a Lilly Pad, Feed A Bug, Hibernating Frog Dig.

The workshops planned include ones which enhance your creativity like learning to make Origami paper art, using clay to recreate the life cycle of a frog, the art of stone painting to make, what else, a frog! Also, remember those cute images of frogs holding onto little mushroom umbrellas? Drawing inspiration from them, is the workshop where children, our little frogs, will be painting their own umbrellas. There will also be a special Frog Yoga session.

For the little kids who love to hear a story is the exciting and engaging narration of the tale Home Sweet Home – Reddit. A story about a frog that lives in a bucket, but suddenly, he has to find a new home! Will any of his friends in the garden be able to give him a home? Find out at The Monsoon Splash!

Details At A Glance:

Monsoon Splash

Date: 28th July 2019

Venue: Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning & Development, Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Rustomjee Urbania, Majiwada, Thane (W)
Duration: 10:00 to 1:00 pm

Age: 4 Years and Above

Entry Fee: Registration Rs.100/- per child & Rs.100/- per parent (includes access to games, nature talk, storytelling and performances)

To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

Please note: Some of the themed workshops involving parents and kids may require separate registration and payment. Fees will range between Rs.50 to Rs.250 for each workshop

Get Ready to Experience ‘The Shivers’ at Leon’s World

All of us are afraid of different things – heights, ghosts, cockroaches, lizards….Sometimes this fear is illogical and may even pose as a hurdle o our progress. Many people would love to live a life free of fear. But is that really possible, can any person really not be afraid of anything?

Well, Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development brings to the stage just such a tale of a boy who did not know the meaning of the world fear. He had never come across anything in his life that he was afraid of. He set off on a quest to experience for himself what ‘getting the shivers’ meant. His travels led him to a kingdom which had a haunted castle. The caretaker of the castle made a deal with him that if he survived three nights in the castle, he would marry the Princess and become a King. As the play will progress, the audience will find the answers to the questions – Did the boy finally find something he was afraid of and experience the shivers? Was the castle really haunted and did he survive the three nights in it? Did he marry the Princess and become King? Don’t miss the play, The Fearless Boy & The Haunted Castle which has a lot of excitement, entertainment and yes, a few ‘shivers’!

The play is presented by the Progressive Theater Group aka PTG. A non- profit group, they have been performing all over India at different venues. The purpose of PTG productions is to spread social awareness and message with values. The play The Fearless Boy & The Haunted Castle, has been written and directed by the Proprietor of PTG, Rashmi Sharma.

Details At A Glance:

The Fearless Boy & The Haunted Castle Presented by Progressive Theatre Group

Date: Saturday, 21st July 2019

Duration: 11:30am – 12:30pm

Venue: Leon’s World Centre, Rustomjee Cambridge International School,Rustomjee Urbania, Majiwada, Thane (W)

Ages: 4yrs and Above

Fees: Rs 250/- per person

To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

Relive the Magic of the Avengers Universe

The superheroes created by Marvel have captured our imagination over generations. Whether it was the Hulk, Spiderman, Ironman, Thor or Black Widow…fans have been enchanted by their backstories and their fights against super villains.

When these superheroes came together in the Avengers franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans were queuing up for the tickets and waiting anxiously for the next sequel. Every superhero won the hearts of more fans and became legendary. But ultimately, as with all good things, The Infinity Saga has come to a close with Avengers: Endgame. Diehard fans have found it difficult to come to terms with the closure of the series.

But we can still relive the special moments from the Avengers universe. Leon’s World Centre of Holistic Learning and Development will host The Avengers Family Quiz where parents and kids can team up to crack the questions that would be relatively easy for a true blue Avengers Fan to solve. Two gold medals and two silver medals are up for grabs and all participants will also receive a special gift courtesy Rustomjee.

So gather your little superheroes, brush up on your Avenger lore and get ready to quiz and prove that you are the greatest Avenger fan there is!

Details at a Glance:

The Avengers Family Quiz
Date: 7th July 2019
Duration: 11:00 to 12:00 pm
Age: 8 Years and above
Entry charges: Rs 100 per person [team size min 2 and max 3]
Venue: Leon’s World Centre, Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Rustomjee Urbania, Majiwada, Thane (W)

To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

Leon’s World Celebrates Yoga – the Path to Well-Being

Yoga is recognized the world over as one of the best forms of exercise that benefits the body and mind. Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development at Rustomjee Urbania organized a special International Yoga Day celebration where children, parents and senior citizens attended and reaped the benefits of having experts take them through sessions on yoga, meditation and nutrition.

The well attended Yoga session was conducted by Preeti Kapoor. She guided the participants, both novices and regular yoga practitioners, through the different yoga asanas and informed them about the different health benefits associated with each asana. Preeti was a storehouse of ‘yogic’ knowledge and how regular practice of yoga can help in increased flexibility, reduced blood pressure, increase muscular strength, reduced depression, alleviation of anxiety and stress, improvement of heart health and a general upgrade in well-being. She also told the gathering that combining five minutes of meditation with yoga everyday would do wonders for harnessing inner calm and relaxing both body and mind. One of the participants said, “I have a very time bound and stressful job. I often find myself getting anxious. After today’s session I feel quite calm and have understood that while I cannot control external circumstances, I can certainly control how I react to them and not let them affect me to the extent that it tells on my health. I hope to incorporate a few minutes of yoga and meditation in my daily life, it won’t be easy, but I’ll certainly try.”

An interesting nutrition session was also conducted by Swati Bhosle. She explained the effects of traditional food and eating habits on our bodies. Swati stressed that 80% of a healthy lifestyle depends on your eating habits and that is why it is important to have healthy home cooked meals rather than fast food or processed foods. An elderly lady commented, “this is what I have been trying to explain to my grandkids who want to eat pizzas, burgers and chips all the time and drink colas. Our old ways were the best! I do tempt them with tasty traditional food which they love to eat at my place and is healthy for them too. They are also attending this session with me and now they will understand the science behind what I have been saying for years.”

The International Yoga Day celebrations at Leon’s World Centre seem to have had a positive impact on all those who attended and we trust that they will carry it forward into their lives in the future as well.

Who’s Monkeying Around at Leon’s World?

If there is one thing better than watching a play, it’s watching a musical play enacted through puppets! This is exactly what Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development is bringing to the stage to make the end of the summer holidays as fun as the beginning!

The Monkey Puzzle is a clever, funny and charming tale by the amazing children’s author – Julia Donaldson. In the jungle, there is a little monkey who is lost. He is looking desperately for his mother when he meets Detective Butterfly. Keen to be of help, Detective Butterfly asks the little monkey to describe his mother. But he is unable to correctly interpret what the monkey is saying and keeps leading the little fellow to all manner of animals in the forest. Will the lost little monkey finally find his mum? Can Detective Butterfly actually fumble through and locate monkey’s mother?

The play is presented as a musical with puppets playing the main characters by Talking Turtles Storytellers. It has been founded by Deepa Panchal and Shreedevi Sunil, a Professional storyteller and puppeteer, in the year 2010. They have been performing in schools, NGO’s and have curated ticketed shows at studios across Mumbai.

Details At A Glance:

The Monkey Puzzle – A Musical Puppet Play by Talking Turtles Storytellers

Venue: Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning & Development, Rustomjee Cambridge International School,Rustomjee Urbania, Majiwada, Thane (W)

Date: 30th June 2019
Time: 11 am – 12 noon
Language: English
Ages: 4+
Tickets: Rs 350 per head
To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

Cricket ‘Mazza’ all the Way at Father’s Day

India beat Pakistan once again in a World Cup series match and had all the cricket fans in the country ecstatic. The dads who had attended the Father’s Day celebrations at Rustomjee Urbania had an extra special time cheering for the Indian team as they had spent the morning making all the paraphernalia necessary to make it seem like they were cheering with the crowd in the stadium. After all, from the Indian point of view, this was the most important match of the series – a question of national pride!

The young generation has inherited the craze for cricket as was proved from the enthusiastic response at the Father’s Day celebrations at Rustomjee Urbania. Dads and kids got together to make pom-poms, banners and painted Indian flags – getting revved up to cheer for the Indian team in the evening. They also got into the groove and tried out the pom-poms in a dance that was high on energy and team spirit. With cricket in their DNA, it didn’t come as a surprise that the young ones were also able to come up with the right answers during the ‘cricket quizzical’.

One little girl was super excited to get a face tattoo in the Indian tri-colour, her words proved quite prophetic as she said, “I’m going to cheer for India in the evening and this is going to be my lucky tattoo – I just know we will win. Virat Kohli is my favourite cricketer and I’m going to do my pop-pom dance every time he hits a boundary.”

Well Virat may have just missed his chance at another century, but he certainly did his bit to ensure a victory for India. Here’s to all the dads who inspire the love for the sport and the country in their little ones – may their tribe continue to grow!

Immerse Yourself in Yoga at Rustomjee Urbania

Yoga – the word means union and refers to the seamless bond that is achieved between body and mind with the regular practice of Yoga. While Yoga has been practiced in India for centuries, the benefits of this unique form of fitness for body and mind has captured the attention of the world. Now 21st June is celebrated as International Yoda Day globally.

The benefits of practicing Yoga on a regular basis are many – including flexibility, reduced blood pressure, increase muscular strength, reduces depression, alleviation of anxiety and stress, improvement of heart health and a general upgrade in your wellbeing.

Rustomjee, in deference to International Yoga Day, will be hosting a special event in honour of this ancient and globally appreciated form of overall fitness. On the 23rd of June a number of special free sessions by Yoga experts – Imran from Premanand Yoga Institute for adults and senior citizens; Dr Neha Mistry for Kids. A session on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle by Ms.Swati Bhonsle will also be conducted for the benefit of those who take their health seriously.

It is a perfect opportunity for those who are considering taking up Yoga for their general fitness and even for those who have been practicing it to come together and appreciate the expertise of the Yoga gurus. The best part about Yoga is that it can be practiced at any age and so children, young adults and senior citizens can all attend the Yoga Day and get a new perspective on the union of body and mind.

Details at a Glance:

International Yoga Day!

Date: 23rd June, 2019

Timings: 8:30am to 9:30am

Age: Kids above 5 years & above, adults & Senior Citizen

Entry charges: Free

Venue: Urban Farming Zone, Rustomjee Urbania, Thane(W)

To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

A Smashing Father’s Day At Leon’s World

Dads are the ‘fun’ parent – the one with whom kids bond over sports and a roughhouse tumble. Little kids sure know how to get around their fathers and get what they want, which the moms would usually say not allow. Of course, New Age dads take their role of parent very seriously and are involved in every aspect of their child’s growth and upbringing. Even so, kids cherish the time they get to spend with their dads and in a country like India where cricket is practically a religion, one can typically find fathers spending time teaching their kids the nuances of the game.

Father’s Day is certainly going to be a momentous one this year, not only will it be a celebration of the unique bond kids share with their dads but is also the time when the titans of cricket, age old rivals – India and Pakistan will clash in the ICC World Cup series.

Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development at Rustomjee Urbania, is presenting fathers and their kid a chance to celebrate their bond and love for cricket with a fantastic morning packed with activities centered around – what else – Cricket!

It’s going to be ‘cricket-ful’ event with activities planned that will set the mood for the grand match in the evening. Fathers and kids will get together and make the big day even more memorable. At Leon’s World Centre there are going to be workshops where participants can bring the stadium into their home making props that will be ideal for cheering on the Indian team. Dads can get their sporting zing on making pom-poms and getting their face painted in the Indian colours. Moreover, for whenever the Indian players are in form father-child duo can amaze all at home with their fantastic cheering dance moves which they can learn in the morning.

Dads will be positively bowled over with the love and attention that will get from their kids. And besides, it’s the perfect way to set the mood for the most awaited match of the series! Howzat!!


Details at a Glance:

Father’s Day Celebrations
Date: 16th June, Sunday 2019
Time: 10:30 am to 1:30pm
Venue: Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning & Development, Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Rustomjee Urbania,Thane(W).
Entry charges: Rs 150 for one Father & Child pair (Additional Rs100 per extra child or parent)
Age Group: 4 years and above
To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

Global City, Virar, Home Loan Mela A Grand Success

For three days, from the 24th – 26th May, it seemed like all roads led to Global City, Virar. Little wonder when Global City homes promise #GharBharKeHappiness and what’s more, the Home Loan Mela orgnaised by Rustomjee made it that much easier and simpler for buyers to book a home at Rustomjee.

The Home Loan Mela had over 15 leading banks and financial institutions on location at Global City, Virar, to assist prospective buyers with the nitty-gritties of home loans. These included ICICI, HDFC, PNB Housing, Bajaj, PIRAMAL among others. They were able to guide home buyers regarding their credit score, figuring out their eligibility for a home loan, the documentation required etc. In fact, for those who had their papers in order the banks were also able to sanction loans on the spot. This facility saw some of the over 200 visitors to the Home Loan Mela actually booking homes at Global City, Virar.

Of course, booking a home at Global City, Virar does not need much decision making. After all the project gives everyone an opportunity for #GharBharKeHappiness! There is something for everyone from the tiny tots all the way up to the senior citizens. Play areas, swimming pool, clubhouse, indoor games, meditation, yoga, shops, school and even an amusement park…name it and Global City, Virar would have it. All the comforts of home and all the conveniences of modern living; all within a safe township community – what more could one ask for?

According to Mr.Chandresh Mehta, Director,Rustomjee Group, “Thoughtfulness is at the core of everything we at Rustomjee pan and execute. It is seen not only in the projects that we design but also the events we plan for our clients and prospective clients. Global City Virar, is a township project that has raised the bar and become a landmark in Virar. It has homes which have been designed so as to maximize the use of space and residents here can enjoy the best of facilities and amenities. It is perfect for families who value community living. The Home Loan Mela was another way in which Rustomjee seeks to bring ease and comfort into the lives of our esteemed clients.”

The homes at Global City, Virar start at just Rs 29.50 lakhs with only 1% GST payment. What’s important to remember is that when you book an apartment at Global City, Virar, you aren’t just buying a house, you are gifting your family #GharBharKeHappiness!