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It’s the World Environment Day! Every institution, public or otherwise has been doing, initiatives – small and big that improves our immediate environment to an extent, which eventually would have a larger impact on our planet- The Third Rock from the Sun! We have heard about communities considering recycling of waste, plantation initiatives and gradually shifting towards renewable sources of energy which results in reduced carbon footprints.

Identifying ourselves as one of key players in our space, we intrinsically believe that giving back to the environment more than what we take from it is not only critical but also imperative. At Rustomjee we take sustained efforts to bring thoughtfulness in the way we build living spaces. Targeted towards the growing young and affluent working population, who are seeking “walk-to-work”, Rustomjee’s construction are an effortless blend of the “work-live-play” concept.

As the end-consumers expectations for lush-green spaces, landscaped gardens, security, exponentially increases, we are offering an integrated township, Rustomjee Urbania, which offers all of these amenities and at affordable prices. Few initiatives that comes at the top of our mind are:

• Even while offering the benefits of urban living, this IGBC Gold Pre Certified project is a universe in itself that optimizes its green spaces
• The Indian Green Building Council has pre-certified us as a gold township owing to the many initiatives taken viz; Native species of plants used for plantation( ensures that the plants do not utilize excess water),China mosaic tiles on rooftop to reflect sunlight and allow electricity conservation by keeping the roof cool,low density lighting in common areas, no smoking zones, electricity charging points in the vicinity of the car park, use of low VOC(Volatile Organic Compound) paints, recharge pit etc.
• Appropriate erosion control measures during construction and measures to tackle it post occupancy
• The STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) enables us to recycle 30% of water which the residents utilize, and reused for gardening, washing and flushing.
• The use of smart bathroom fixtures conserve water and minimise wastage

Do your bit to make the Environment a better place, in whatever capacity you can

#UrbaniaSummerFest: An evening where kids joyfully played amidst open spaces

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Thane, the rapidly developing suburb of Mumbai, witnessed its first summer street festival, Friday,1st May 2015 with more than 1700 parents and children turning out to enjoy some traditional summer time.
Held by Rustomjee developers in their township ‘Urbania’, the Urbania Summer Street Fest was open for all parents to bond with their children over a session of life size board games, choreographed dances, chalk art, pottery, story-telling sessions and good food!

Keeping with the trend, selfie zones like ‘The Memory Maker’ were full of funky props for people to get creative with. These engaging sessions were punctuated by performances like a street play on friendship, a flash mob of young and old, drum circle, cycle race and a drawing competition for kids where winners got a cycle from Firefox.
For Rustomjee, who is known to develop child friendly spaces, this is another step in providing a holistic living experience for families. Here are some lovely moments from the event.





The event wrapped up with a lot of excitement and the kids took away some fond memories with them 🙂

#UrbaniaSummerFest 2015: Introduce your kids to some amazing outdoor games


How are the plans for summer vacation coming along? Well, we have something super exciting coming your way. At Rustomjee, we believe that children deserve a wholesome childhood and a well-built conducive environment that encourages children to enhance their complete potential. Spread across lush green playgrounds, we at Rusotmjee, present to you the first ever #UrbaniaSummerFest 2015 and thereby encourage families to spend quality time with each other.
Children have a naturally curious mind and are fascinated by the surroundings. We at Rustomjee, understand your urge of inclining your child towards the holistic childhood in today’s tech savvy world. Hence, the summer fest has been organized, where you can connect with your childhood games and let your little ones get a sense of it too. We’re sure, they’re going to ask for more!

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Here’s what’s going to happen at the event:

• Life-size board games
• Races, street chalk art
• Mehendi, nail and tattoo art
• Painting competition
• Street plays and puppet shows
• Grandma tales
• Drum circle and street food
• Lezim dance
• Folk music and dance activities
• Book stalls, jugglers and lots more

When: 1st May 2015, Friday
Where: Rustomjee Urbania , Thane(W)
Time: 4:00 – 9:00 PM

So all you parents, get started and save your dates for the #UrbaniaSummerFest. Register here, right Now >> http://rustomjeeurbania-thane.in/summerfest
Or call 61116111. Free entry for all. We’d love to see you!

Going the Green-Way

It is an established fact that green spaces can have a significant positive impact on our wellbeing. The benefits of having a green cover near your residence are abundant.

Well-designed green and open spaces can benefit communities in a variety of ways. Even the ecological benefits have a direct impact on urban living. For instance, the presence of a green cover prevents soil erosion and help in absorbing rainwater, thereby improving drainage. Trees are also known to absorb pollutants and are effective in lowering the wall surface temperature.

Green spaces also open up opportunities for recreation and helps foster social contact. People from all walks of life are drawn to them be it for exercise, meditate, relax or meet friends. Studies suggest that residents frequenting common green spaces are more active socially. They tend to know their neighbours better and are happy to reach out to them in times of need. This helps create a sense of belonging. The health benefits of being surrounded by a green cover are well-known. Better quality of air and scenic surrounding are known to reduce stress levels, chronic headaches and other nervous system worries.

Rustomjee Urbania brings out the best of both worlds. Spread across 127 acres, this IGBC Gold Pre Certified project is a universe in itself that optimises its green spaces and yet offers the benefits of urban living. Located in the heart of Thane City, right on the Eastern Express Highway and 10 minutes from the station, it is a self- sufficient township with modern living spaces, its own commercial complex, retail and entertainment centres and extensive open spaces that promote healthy living.

Thane city is one of the major urban conglomerations of Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) and is well connected to all parts of the country by rail and road. The city’s proximity to Mumbai, the commercial capital of India and location at geographical centre of MMR has given tremendous impetus to the growth of industries in and around Thane. This district is surrounded by scenic hills, which add to its beauty.

4 Reasons Why Healthy Living Spaces Promote a Successful Daily Life

It‘s rightly said that home is where the heart is. Your home is a reflection of who you are and how you choose to live your life. You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their living space. So, take a look around and think about what your dwelling space says about you. Are you all about coziness and comfort or class and elegance or artsy and quirky or something else altogether?

No matter what type of living space you prefer there’s one thing that’s paramount for any type of living space and that’s the HQ — the health quotient of your home. It is known that a healthy living space promotes good lifestyle and a successful daily life and we’re here to tell you exactly how and why.

Nature: Is your living space around nature or is it in the heart of a concrete hellhole? You need to be living in a space that facilitates environmental harmony and works towards reducing toxins. Breathe fresh air and refresh your body and mind.

Clutter-ridding Spaciousness: The more the clutter the more the chaos is felt in one’s mind. Subliminally clutter causes claustrophobic symptoms and restlessness. It’s a good idea to get rid of everything that you don’t need. There’s a theory about you not needing something if you haven’t used it for 6-8 months. Toss ‘em out and free your houses of clutter and chaos. A clear living space, a clear mind.

Roominess: Open spaces doesn’t imply getting rid of all the furniture at home, it means taking a minimalistic approach. Instead of jamming your home and porch with a lot of furniture, make it simple and place only the items that you would need and use on a daily basis.

Colors: Use colors that are cooling or the ones that you personally love and those that brighten up your day. Stay away from darker or dull tones because they bring forth a gloomy energy, especially at dusk.

At Rustomjee, we have been creating vibrant living spaces since 1996. We have launched, completed and delivered many state-of-the-art residential complexes, premium homes and impressive commercial facilities. The eco-centricity of our enterprise is evident in every aspect of the properties we create. From the blue-print which always allots adequate space to open green spaces, to the structures we build. In a bid to give back something to nature in return for what has been borrowed, we’ve planted trees for each building we’ve constructed. We are all about healthy living spaces that promote a good and successful lifestyle.