This is all you need to do to get your child hooked towards outdoor games


Over some years, kids have actually lost connection with open green spaces and outdoor activities. It’s a big concern for parents to get their kids on the grounds for some activities. The main hindrance is the high usage of video games, smartphones, television and internet, no wonder children deny stepping out. So what do you do about it?
We tell you some smart tips to get your child ready for some fun activities, however, it is fine if he/she is an introvert by nature, help them overcome the nature.

Here are a couple of games and activities you can try out with your kids.


• Try out mind games like Scrabble – The game kit is very handy and can be carried anywhere, hence it is not a compulsion that you sit at home on the couch and play it. Take you kids out in a garden or a play area below your apartment and let them strike brains against this amazing game. This will also help build their intellect and English vocabulary.

• Go out trekking – Well, announce that you’ll will be heading towards an adventure trip this weekend and kids are going to be just more than happy to hear that. Take out time for them and play along some water sports or cycle races with them. This will encourage them to indulge in outdoor activities quite often.

• Encourage them to participate in school sports – Most of the kids shy away when it comes to joining the school cricket or badminton team. Maybe your child loves the game but is hesitant of approaching people? Build up a confidence in him/her and show interest from your side. Let them go and join the crowd.

• Every Sunday – outdoor games- It’s a best thing to do on every holiday and since Sundays are the perfect ones. Everybody is home and you can just go for a quick swim session or a brisk morning walk followed by yoga or gymnastics? Make it a practice for your kids and they’ll surely enjoy it.


Rustomjee understands your concerns about green spaces, open play grounds for kids along with wellness centers for adults. Hence we provide you with a holistic living experience in the best township project(Under 200 acres) in India, Rustomjee Urbania in Thane as conferred by NDTV . Check out Rustomjee Urbania Township and get all the required amenities right in your home premises!

#UrbaniaSummerFest: An evening where kids joyfully played amidst open spaces

urbania entrance

Thane, the rapidly developing suburb of Mumbai, witnessed its first summer street festival, Friday,1st May 2015 with more than 1700 parents and children turning out to enjoy some traditional summer time.
Held by Rustomjee developers in their township ‘Urbania’, the Urbania Summer Street Fest was open for all parents to bond with their children over a session of life size board games, choreographed dances, chalk art, pottery, story-telling sessions and good food!

Keeping with the trend, selfie zones like ‘The Memory Maker’ were full of funky props for people to get creative with. These engaging sessions were punctuated by performances like a street play on friendship, a flash mob of young and old, drum circle, cycle race and a drawing competition for kids where winners got a cycle from Firefox.
For Rustomjee, who is known to develop child friendly spaces, this is another step in providing a holistic living experience for families. Here are some lovely moments from the event.





The event wrapped up with a lot of excitement and the kids took away some fond memories with them 🙂

#UrbaniaSummerFest 2015: Introduce your kids to some amazing outdoor games


How are the plans for summer vacation coming along? Well, we have something super exciting coming your way. At Rustomjee, we believe that children deserve a wholesome childhood and a well-built conducive environment that encourages children to enhance their complete potential. Spread across lush green playgrounds, we at Rusotmjee, present to you the first ever #UrbaniaSummerFest 2015 and thereby encourage families to spend quality time with each other.
Children have a naturally curious mind and are fascinated by the surroundings. We at Rustomjee, understand your urge of inclining your child towards the holistic childhood in today’s tech savvy world. Hence, the summer fest has been organized, where you can connect with your childhood games and let your little ones get a sense of it too. We’re sure, they’re going to ask for more!

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Here’s what’s going to happen at the event:

• Life-size board games
• Races, street chalk art
• Mehendi, nail and tattoo art
• Painting competition
• Street plays and puppet shows
• Grandma tales
• Drum circle and street food
• Lezim dance
• Folk music and dance activities
• Book stalls, jugglers and lots more

When: 1st May 2015, Friday
Where: Rustomjee Urbania , Thane(W)
Time: 4:00 – 9:00 PM

So all you parents, get started and save your dates for the #UrbaniaSummerFest. Register here, right Now >>
Or call 61116111. Free entry for all. We’d love to see you!

Education Beyond Classrooms

“Mom, why isn’t the colour of my skin blue, like Lord Shiva?” asked ten year old Ankit. After the narration of the legend of how Shiva swallowed poison which he held in his throat thus making his skin blue, a google search by Ankit’s mother also lead to biological reasons of the colour of human skin. Touching his skin, Ankit learned about melanin and racial discrimination.

The ‘Ahhh….now I get it’ moment

Knowledge can barely be taught or transferred, it has to be experienced and assimilated, in the background of personal context. ‘Why do I sleep at night instead of the morning?’ Or ‘why is it that I need a dark room to sleep?’ While a biology class may have taught you and your children the correlation between light and the release of sleep hormone melatonin in the brain, more often than not, you tend to forget a lot of the details. This is simply because not enough time is spent in assimilating the information we receive.

There are ways that you can help your child know more than you did, understand better that you did. While schools systems are increasingly moving towards practical styles of teaching, there are alternative ways of educating your child.

Don’t let wonderland fade away

Familiarity ebbs away the ‘wonder’ in our minds. You are reading this post on a screen. Do you know what and how it’s made? What if I were to tell you that your iphone screen has sapphire in it? Now go and see the world through your child’s eyes and identify where familiarity is setting in. Ask a question and shake him/her out of it.

Why are the carrots in your lunchbox yellow? How are clouds formed? Why are they white and of different forms?

Knowledge is abundant and easily accessible today. Assimilation of knowledge and its subsequent application is what gives us the edge in today’s world.

Play with them

While ready-made toys are good, there are many others that allow your child to create and discover things in his/her environment. Buy less, buy wise. Purchasing a basic telescope is more beneficial than numerous dolls. Go out with it, find things to put under the lens and let your child revel in the intricacies of nature.

Promote active learning

Attention span and the ability to focus in the moment – power of the sages, is learnt best from trying to craft the right earthen flower vase on the potter’s wheel or an hour of intense physical activity. Activities wherein you create by your own hand require intense focus. Not only does it help in improving the attention span of a child but also helps them gain insights on the art at hand.

While you provide your children with the best of formal education, it is also important to fill the gaps therein. As we at Rustomjee help you do that, we also help the underprivileged move from abundant outdoor education to formal schooling. Every time you buy a home in our project, we sponsor the education of an underprivileged child.

The Rustomjee Educate a Child Initiative –

Let’s Revisit Childhood

Childhood is one of the most carefree periods of our life – one we wish we could go back to. Funnily enough, several habits that are endearing in a child are mocked at as oddities as we grow older. So we let go of our ability to slip into a world of dreams.

A child ‘dreamer’ is considered to be creative or inquisitive. As children, we have often created a world of our own where our mindless scribbles and wobbly sand castles were applauded and cheered on. Climbing a tree, a swing on the branch or planning a tree-house as your secret hideout were fun-filled adventures. But that time escaped us in the process of growing up. As adults, if you start dreaming during your work hours you can be sure of not receiving the same compliments and should be prepared for some frowns instead. Maybe it is time we reclaimed the right to day dream. Our commitments through the day can hold us back but the comforts of our home is where we can indulge in musing.

People spend nearly 36% of their time at work each day. Work stress for the Gen Y professional has already reached an overload. After hours of facing a high pressure environment, busy schedules, and endless meetings, everybody wants to hit the ‘escape’ button. What better way to that other than indulging in a bit of mind pampering and bringing out the little child in you?

Children look forward to summer vacations as this is the time when they pick up summer hobbies, take up a craft, learn music, swim, spell, cycle, play tennis, football, and cricket. And because fun is the best teacher, building a sandcastle becomes a lesson in physics, planting a seed becomes a lesson in biology, and dance and drama, the perfect course for interpersonal skills.

Children learn best with observation and company. With such facilities available within residential premises, it’s their best chance to beat the heat and get those holidays rolling. Easy accessibility of all these fun-filled events gets them pumped up to explore their childhood further.

At Rustomjee, we believe that children deserve a wholesome childhood and a well-built conducive environment that encourages children to enhance their complete potential which if denied can result into tremendous academic pressure, restrictive and regimented lifestyles. Across the city, our buildings have specially planned spaces for kids of all ages. In this world, children explore trees, gardens, libraries, learning rooms, fun rooms, parks, themselves. Even toddlers will find they are free to explore their world in the safety of padded play areas and baby proofed homes. After all, each of our Growth Spaces have been specially created by a panel of the city’s most eminent child psychologists, trained specialists, and, yes, Moms.

Under the Peepal Tree: The Sunday that was

Last Sunday, few parents gathered with their little ones and played games! Considering this was a day dedicated to the busy daddies and the always snoozing babies, we got them to play together in a completely non-competitive manner.

And if you’re wondering what part Rustomjee was playing, we sponsored the Grassroot games segment. Here kids got a chance to learn and bond with their dads and simultaneously exercise their leadership traits. Some of the games played included marbles (we bet, you’re going to start recollecting some memories as we continue), kho-kho, spinning top, stick-tyre race and hopscotch. Of course, the kids won! Who has more energy anyway?

Rustomjee lays emphasis on adding value to the lives of their homeowners through their core business, their CSR initiatives and philanthropy. We have strived to ensure that every blueprint includes child-friendly spaces for parks, playgrounds, and learning rooms and thereby encouraging families to spend quality time with each other. Apart from games, Rustomjee was also giving out the #FamilyTime cards pack which generated a lot of interest in parents and kids.

Here’re few pictures from the event:



And while we were at this, we spoke with a few parents to share their views. Here’s what they said:

“Great initiative, superb energy! Amazing activities planned to get your child involved into.” #DaddysChild

“Amazing experience! After a long time we’re all together… Weekends are usually so busy.” #DaddysChild

“We’re having a great time. It’s been an amazing experience! Thank you so much.” #DaddysChild

Here’s a quick look at some photographs from ‘Under the Peepal tree’ – Daddy-Child festival.






Link to Rustomjee’s Facebook page for more pictures:

Under the Peepal Tree: For daddies and their little ones

The peepal tree is extremely popular for its heart shaped leaves that have long narrowing tips. According to the Skanda purana, a person who does not have children should consider the peepal tree as his own child. It says that the family will prosper and have a good name, till the peepal tree survives.

On a different, yet connected note, did you know that our emotional security is directly proportional to our childhood experiences, especially with our parents?

Keeping this in mind, Grooming Babies devised Under the Peepal Tree, a concept festival for children in their formative years of development to promote a strong belief. It’s a day dedicated to fathers and their little ones. Kids get a chance to learn and bond with their dads, outdoors.

You must be wondering what part Rustomjee is going to play. Well, we will bring you some games (Grassroots Games – Marbles, Kho-Kho, Spinning Top, Stick Tyre Race and Hopscotch) where the child can exercise his/ her leadership traits. It’s an ideal setting for a dad and child to engage in a non-competitive play, creating their own rules while testing their boundaries too.

Of course, mommies are welcome!

Here’s a quick look at some photographs that were taken last year at the festival.




Link to the event page:

7 Ways to Make the Most of a Weekend

Very often on Monday mornings we end up asking ourselves: “Where did the weekend go?” We wait for those two days through the entire week and there’s always so much to be done that before we know it, it’s gone. We list a few thoughts you could consider while you plan your weekend diary.

Take a break. Disconnect

You’ve put in your best through the week. Make sure you switch off from work. Your weekend is meant for you to rewind. So carry no work baggage and definitely no guilt.
It is also a good idea to keep that smartphone at a distance. Be with people around and not in a virtual world with people miles apart.

Weekends are not solely for chores

Yes there are a lot of errands to be taken care of over the weekend. That laundry to be done. Those bills to be paid. But hey, don’t pile up everything for the end of the week. You could certainly squeeze in some time to strike some chores off the list even in the middle of the week. That way you’ll get some time to take it easy on those two precious days.

Watch a movie

One of the best ways to unwind is to stare at a screen, laugh at some hilarious dialogues, and also pick up some sarcastic lines that you can then flaunt. We’re assuming you’re doing some good brainy work through the week. And by the time you’re home, you’re brain-dead. Catching up with friends over a movie is always a great idea.

Read a book

You could set a target of completing a book every alternate weekend. It’s good to read – it connects your brain, boosts your imagination and creativity, improves understanding, and not to forget, exposes you to a whole new world.

Weekend getaway

If you’re the kind who can’t stick to one place for more than 15 minutes, you better be stuffing your backpack and heading out of town. Oh, don’t forget your camera. See new places, meet new people, and fall in love with something new every weekend. Find the most popular market and get yourself a souvenir too!

An evening with family

You could also keep aside some Sundays to catch up with family. It’s good to show people that you are indeed thoughtful. Through the week, we’re sure most your calls are extended to clients, vendors, agencies, customers, but family members. We understand. Maybe a Sunday dinner will help them believe you’re still a part of this very group.

A night-out with friends

The best could be either a Friday night or a Saturday night. So you can sleep it off the following day. Friends at work get your attentions through the week. What about the buddies from your childhood, school and college — the ones you played pranks on others with? We encourage you to spend an evening with these guys and bring back those old days! Don’t forget to crack up some wise ones’ we’re waiting to listen to your stories.

6 Reason Why Kids Deserve a Childhood

Remember the number of real friends you made every day when you stepped out of your house to play? Or the physical training lectures? You learnt new skills, gained independence, felt an increased sense of belonging, and of course, got a good night’s sleep. Seems like another era.

The last decade has seen a flurry of technological revolutions, especially in entertainment, and while change is good, technology has also resulted in misplaced notions of childhood. A growing number of experts are stressing on the importance of taking children out of their rooms and putting them back on the grounds for some outdoor play. We bring you the advantages from across the board.

Social skills

Playtime brings together a peer group in a highly interactive environment. Playing with others, be it outdoors or indoors helps children develop social skills. For instance, not everyone gets to go down a slide at one time. Children take turns and follow that rule. This simple action inculcates a sense of responsibility, the ability to be considerate towards others and also teaches children the fundamentals of harmonious behavior required to be a good citizen.

Helps unwind

In the competitive times that we live in, even children are not spared from a busy schedule seeped in performance pressures; be it in school or doing well in the hobby classes that parents enroll the child in. Playtime provides a window to children and gives them an opportunity where they are untouched by any stress. This goes a long way in preventing any negative psychological impact like anxiety and depression.

Increases attention span

Playing for prolonged time requires children to pay attention to the game. Often children chose their groups, develop or decide on a game and go about playing it for hours. The intensive sessions greatly help in increasing children’s attention span.

Cognitive development

When children modify and create new games, it develops their ability to be creative, think abstractly, solve problems, master new concepts, listen and perceive the viewpoint of others and a lot more.

These are all life skills that organisations want to see on an executive’s resume and are essentially being developed on the playground.

Motor skills

A simple game like playing ‘catch’, develops important hand-eye coordination. We often take coordination of different parts of our body for granted, but in reality we would not have been able to multitask in our jobs or even text while we walk if we had not played that quintessential childhood game.

Exploring interests and building an identity

Playtime throws open a sea of possibilities for children to explore. As they move on from soccer to mechano set, from Ludo to DIY crafts, children start recognizing their areas of interest be it outdoor sports, technically stimulating games or playing with colours. Based on the interests, children gradually carve out their identity. This goes a long way in some critical decisions at a later stage in life like choosing the career path or pursuing a passion. Common interests also help people build friendships.

In this world, children explore trees, gardens, libraries, learning-rooms, fun rooms, parks by themselves.

At Rustomjee, we believe children deserve childhoods. So across the city, our buildings have specially planned spaces for kids of all ages.

Has Childhood Lost Its Charm?

What are the times you recall from your childhood? If you are reading this post, most likely you are from the generation of CRT TVs, fading radio culture and hints of portable computers. Don’t worry, we are not suggesting you’re old. While this might seem like something that took place ages ago, it didn’t.

It wasn’t long ago that we dressed our dolls in imaginative house plays, ran in circles playing kho-kho, shrieked in guilty delight at being sought from our hideout, took our cycles and raced the breeze, and backed our miniature cars to wind the motor up for a race.

It wasn’t long ago that children were free, magical and imaginatively engrossed in play. From the humble snakes and ladders, Children have now travelled to video games. And in a blink of an eye, Childhood was left behind.

When then, did childhood get a makeover?

Advent of technology

Children nowadays grow up with YouTube, Netflix and Spotify, learning to use smartphones or tablets before they are able to talk, writes Juliette Garside for The Guardian. And we believe this is incredibly positive. The writer also explains, “They may not know who Steve Jobs was or even how to tie their own shoelaces, but the average six-year-old child understands more about digital technology than a 45-year-old adult.”

Loss of innocence at an early age

What happened to bedtime stories? Kids have started to consume information in so many different ways. Children also get exposed to more information that kids were a decade ago. Ask a question, and there’s an answer available and more. Childhood is about gradual discovery. Discoveries that happen in a park when you have a fall, discoveries that happen when you’re reading a book, discovering the importance of people around you.

Limited Imagination

Earlier, information used to want to be free. Not anymore. Now information owns us. And as kids are exposed to more and more such information, imagination diminishes. Why think when there’s an answer readily available?

So if childhood loses its charm, there will be no flavor left in the adulthood resulting from it. Bright, passionate and considerate citizens aren’t made only in schools and offices. They are built on playgrounds and Legos. It’s essential to let a child play, even more than it is to make him/ her study. So make sure you are encouraging your child to run the right race instead of the rat race.

As we grew up reading Tinkle, Champak, Chacha Chaudary, collections of Amar Chitra Katha, or even Harry Potter, childhood got lost in these pages.

Summer will end like it always does. That doesn’t mean we need to do away with childhood. After all, childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.

At Rustomjee, Childhood awaits you.