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There are millions of migrant workers across the country that are employed in various sectors and are drawn to the cities in search of work. They are the main segment of the population affected the most by the sudden shutdown of manufacturing units and other activities due to the coronavirus lockdown. With no way of going back to their villages and no support system in the cities, the plight of the migrant workers is pitiable.

The construction sector is one that relies heavily on migrant labour and Rustomjee, ever the thoughtful developer, has taken all the necessary measures to ensure that the labourers who were employed on site at Global City, Virar (W) and Rustomjee Paramount, Khar (W) are well taken care of.

In a well-organized initiative, initially a team of Rustomjee employees, who stayed close to the site, was formed. They provided the management with all the necessary information of laborers living in labor camp and their daily needs. With a clear understanding of the demand and quantum, it was decided to distribute the essentials such as rice, grains and vegetables to all the workers.

Till date, at the labour camp at Rustomjee Global City,Virar(W), the developer has disbursed 500 kg rice, 70 kg grains and over 50 kgs of vegetables such as potatoes to the site laborers. 24 x 7 electricity and water is available to the laborers with the company bearing the full cost to pay the electricity and water charges for the labour camp during this period. Also, to facilitate their need of hygiene, 10 soaps and 8 hand wash bottles were also distributed. All workers have been educated on the importance of maintaining hygiene and following social distancing.

At the site of Rustomjee Paramount,Khar (W), there are 130 migrant labourers whose needs are being taken care of. Every worker has been given a ration every four days which consists of, 3 kgs of rice, 1 kg of wheat, 250 gms of pulses, turmeric powder, chilli powder and 250 ml of Sunflower oil and these will be further be replenished as per need-basis, during the period of COVID-19 lockdown.

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About Rustomjee Spaces

At Rustomjee, we have been creating vibrant living spaces since 1996. Today we are considered among the foremost real estate developers in the country. We attribute this success to our unflinching commitment to adhering to the highest quality standards, and consistency in delivery schedules. Till date, we have launched, completed and delivered many state-of-the-art residential complexes, premium homes and impressive commercial facilities. While at it, we have ensured that nature reflects in every space that we create. In fact ever since our first property was built, we have planted over a hundred trees for every constructed building. This is our way of returning to nature what we’ve taken from her.

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