Leon’s World Celebrates Yoga – the Path to Well-Being

Yoga is recognized the world over as one of the best forms of exercise that benefits the body and mind. Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development at Rustomjee Urbania organized a special International Yoga Day celebration where children, parents and senior citizens attended and reaped the benefits of having experts take them through sessions on yoga, meditation and nutrition.

The well attended Yoga session was conducted by Preeti Kapoor. She guided the participants, both novices and regular yoga practitioners, through the different yoga asanas and informed them about the different health benefits associated with each asana. Preeti was a storehouse of ‘yogic’ knowledge and how regular practice of yoga can help in increased flexibility, reduced blood pressure, increase muscular strength, reduced depression, alleviation of anxiety and stress, improvement of heart health and a general upgrade in well-being. She also told the gathering that combining five minutes of meditation with yoga everyday would do wonders for harnessing inner calm and relaxing both body and mind. One of the participants said, “I have a very time bound and stressful job. I often find myself getting anxious. After today’s session I feel quite calm and have understood that while I cannot control external circumstances, I can certainly control how I react to them and not let them affect me to the extent that it tells on my health. I hope to incorporate a few minutes of yoga and meditation in my daily life, it won’t be easy, but I’ll certainly try.”

An interesting nutrition session was also conducted by Swati Bhosle. She explained the effects of traditional food and eating habits on our bodies. Swati stressed that 80% of a healthy lifestyle depends on your eating habits and that is why it is important to have healthy home cooked meals rather than fast food or processed foods. An elderly lady commented, “this is what I have been trying to explain to my grandkids who want to eat pizzas, burgers and chips all the time and drink colas. Our old ways were the best! I do tempt them with tasty traditional food which they love to eat at my place and is healthy for them too. They are also attending this session with me and now they will understand the science behind what I have been saying for years.”

The International Yoga Day celebrations at Leon’s World Centre seem to have had a positive impact on all those who attended and we trust that they will carry it forward into their lives in the future as well.

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