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Yoga – the word means union and refers to the seamless bond that is achieved between body and mind with the regular practice of Yoga. While Yoga has been practiced in India for centuries, the benefits of this unique form of fitness for body and mind has captured the attention of the world. Now 21st June is celebrated as International Yoda Day globally.

The benefits of practicing Yoga on a regular basis are many – including flexibility, reduced blood pressure, increase muscular strength, reduces depression, alleviation of anxiety and stress, improvement of heart health and a general upgrade in your wellbeing.

Rustomjee, in deference to International Yoga Day, will be hosting a special event in honour of this ancient and globally appreciated form of overall fitness. On the 23rd of June a number of special free sessions by Yoga experts – Imran from Premanand Yoga Institute for adults and senior citizens; Dr Neha Mistry for Kids. A session on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle by Ms.Swati Bhonsle will also be conducted for the benefit of those who take their health seriously.

It is a perfect opportunity for those who are considering taking up Yoga for their general fitness and even for those who have been practicing it to come together and appreciate the expertise of the Yoga gurus. The best part about Yoga is that it can be practiced at any age and so children, young adults and senior citizens can all attend the Yoga Day and get a new perspective on the union of body and mind.

Details at a Glance:

International Yoga Day!

Date: 23rd June, 2019

Timings: 8:30am to 9:30am

Age: Kids above 5 years & above, adults & Senior Citizen

Entry charges: Free

Venue: Urban Farming Zone, Rustomjee Urbania, Thane(W)

To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

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