Green Strokes at Leon’s World

The Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development has been ceaselessly over the years to nurture young minds and cultivate in them a feeling of community and empathy for those around us. The environment we live in plays a very important in role in influencing young impressionable minds and more and more parents and schools are creating awareness amongst children on the need to reduce our carbon footprint and adopt an environment friendly style of living.

Taking the theme of ‘Go Green’ in the context of a creative milieu, Leon’s World has organised an art competition to be held on the 10th of February. Here young school children between the ages of 4 – 15 will be encouraged to render their creative ideas on how best to save the Earth and the environment through paintings. The children will be divided into five categories as per their age and will be given different topics all within the broad umbrella theme of ‘Go Green’. In each category the top three entries will be awarded medals while every child will receive a participation certificate. Children from all schools are welcome to be a part of this competition and let their creativity flow through a myriad of colours as they show how best we can ‘Go Green.’

Details at a Glance:

Art Competition – GO GREEN
Date:- 10th February , 2019
Time:- 10:30AM-12:30PM
Venue:- Leon’s World Centre, Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Rustomjee Urbania,Thane(W)
Grades:- Jr Kg till 10th
Age : 4 yrs to 15 yrs
Entry:- Free
To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920
Note: Children to get their own A3 size drawing boards, stationary, Colours and painting materials. Only A3 size paper will be provided.

The Grade wise Categories have been made along with the subject line:-
Jr Kg to 1:- “Go Green” – only for this age group colouring competition. Sheets will be provided with the drawing by the provider.
Grade 2 to 4 :- “Green India”
Grade 5 to 6 :- “Clean India, Green India”
Grade 7 to 8:- “Each One, Plant one”
Grade 9 to 10:- “Save the Nature”


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