Eco-friendly Ganesh Workshop a Big Hit at Leon’s World

When it comes to controlling pollution, awareness is key and this was very evident at the workshop conducted at Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development to encourage the making and use of eco-friendly Ganesh idols. More and more people are becoming conscious of the fact that the celebration of festivals should be in harmony with nature. Every year thousands of Ganesh idols are taken for immersion in local water bodies where the chemicals used to create and paint them enter the water and harm the eco-system. The solution is an easy one – opt for eco-friendly clay idols.

It was indeed heartening to see almost a hundred children participating in the Eco-Friendly Ganapati Workshop, some of whom were accompanied by their parents. They displayed an amazing level of creativity and enthusiasm as they lovingly crafted their own special Ganesh idols. There were also an equal number of people who had walked in to experience the event and see the wonderful idols being made using clay and simple tools. The children were regaled with mythological stories of Ganesh and the significance of the ‘aarti’ was explained to them. As expected, they gleefully tried their hand at making, and eating, chocolate ‘modaks’. Some also learnt the art of making intricate ‘rangoli’ designs. It was a morning filled with fun, music, excitement, creativity and learning.

A precocious little boy, 7 years old, put it very succinctly, “we learnt about pollution in school and how the fish die because of harmful chemicals in the water. These chemicals are also harmful for humans. I’m small and I could only make a small Ganapati idol, but it’s my way of doing something for the environment. If everyone does this, then won’t Lord Ganesha be happy with us?” Let this be a blessed and pollution free Ganesh Chaturthi and let’s begin by only bringing eco-friendly idols home.

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