Beware! The Gruffalo Comes to Leon’s World

Children love the fantasy world of stories and one of these stories that has captured the attention of thousands of children since it was published almost 20 years ago – The Gruffalo written by Julia Donaldson.

The Talking Turtles Storytellers are bringing this tale alive for kids by staging it as a puppet show at the Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development. The story is that of a little mouse who lives in the woods, one day he is met in turn by a fox, an owl and a snake, all of them want to eat him and make a pretense of inviting him to their home. But the quick witted mouse tells them he is waiting for his friend, an imaginary creature he thinks up, the Gruffalo who is half grizzly bear, half buffalo and describes the creature’s fearsome attributes and also lets them know that if the Gruffalo met them, he would surely eat them up. After thus escaping from certain death, the mouse is horrified to come face to face with an actual Gruffalo. Here again, the mouse uses his intellect and convinces the Gruffalo that he, the mouse, is in fact the most fearsome creature in the woods. How does he do that? Come watch the Gruffalo and see the shenanigans of the clever little mouse who once again proves that brains are mightier than brawn.

The story will be narrated by Shreedevi Sunil using the art of puppetry. The animal puppets are an interesting visual storytelling tools that captivate the attention of the audience. Talking Turtles Storytellers was founded over 7 years ago by Shreedevi and her partner Deepa Panchal. Since 2010 she has been engaging children in stories using a variety of storytelling tools.

Details At a Glance:

The Gruffalo: A Puppet Play
Presented by: Talking Turtles Storytellers
Venue: Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development,Rustomjee Urbania,Thane(W)
Date: 1st July 2018
Age Group: 3 to 60 years
Time: 11.30am -12.30pm
Tickets: Rs 300 per person.
To register, please call: 9819094929 | 9819060920

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