Loads of Turns in The Twisted tale of Beauty and the Beast

It was exciting Sunday morning at Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development as parents and children gathered for the staging of A Twisted Tale of Beauty and the Beast. The very title of the play had everyone wondering how the story would play out and whether along with the quirky characters there would be a even bigger twist in the story. The play may have been based on a fairy tale but it was by no means set in a ‘land far, far away’ in fact this beauty and beast were right here in Thane.

The audience was hooting in laughter at the antics of the beast’s ‘slaves’ which included a clock that tick-tocks to any tune, a panda who doesn’t do anything and a clown who does everything. Also, the beast is now tech savvy and also had a mobile that talks and dances at his beck and call. Through a number of hilarious ‘twisted’ situations beauty and the beast finally achieve their happy ending. The play was presented by the Ethiros Theatre Group, written by Reynold D’sa and directed by Nishil Kamalan.

One of the fathers who attended the play with his son said, “I was really intrigued with the title of the play itself and so decided to come with my son to see the play. It was interesting to see how they had taken an age old fairy tale that we have all grown up with and given it a new twist in the modern context. I feel characters like the mobile phone made it more relatable for a young audience who are growing up with these gadgets. Leon’s World Centre is doing a really good job in bringing such interesting and unique plays for our kids to enjoy.”

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