Activities Galore at the Urbania Summer Fest

The Urbania Summer Fest at the Rustomjee Urbania has just been one fun filled day after another and the kids attending the events and workshops (and their parents) could not be happier.

The important thing is that the children are learning new skills and doing it in a playful fun way – the best way to learn and assimilate knowledge for life, which is the basic premise on which all workshops and classes are organized a the Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development, Rustomjee Urbania.

Some of the activities the kids participated in last week included physical as well as mental challenges. Skating was one thing that the children really enjoyed and they looked quite adorable in their skating gear, while listening intently to the coach’s instructions. Rubik’s Cube classes were introduced for the first time over the weekend to improve the cognitive skills and concentration of children. They learnt not only how to solve a Rubik’s Cube but also how to do various tricks with it like getting different colours in the four corners of a cube face or getting a different coloured line down one face of the cube. It was wonderful to see the looks of amazement on the children’s faces as they accomplished the Rubik’s Cube for themselves.

Another interesting activity for the kids was the Voice-Over Demo organised by the GMC. It not only trained the children on improving their communication skills but also gave them a glimpse into a whole new career option. They were encouraged to give a dub a clip for an animated character and taught how they could modulate their voice and get the right inflections to suit the character on the screen and the mood of the scene.

Even though the summer vacations are coming to an end, the fun will not set at Rustomjee Urbania, as Leon’s World Centre will continue with classes, workshops and celebrations throughout the year.

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