Junk Art Festival at Rustomjee Paramount

Children have naturally curious and creative minds – where an adult would see a purpose; a child can see possibilities. It is this creative bent of mind that was harnessed beautifully at the Junk Art Festival at the Rustomjee Paramount. Conducted by Grooming Babies the core purpose of the festival was – Reuse, Repurpose and Upcycle; emphasizing the way children can be sensitized towards need of the environment and make best use of so-called waste articles around them. The Alfresco Sky Lounge & Toddler’s Creative Studio at the Rustomjee Paramount were abuzz with activity as almost 150 parents and children participated in the festival on the 28th of April 2018.

There was a myriad of activities that the kids could participate in, all involving the ‘reinvention’ of used and discarded items like old bottles, newspapers, old clothes etc. At Upcycle Art the children learnt the art of making bottle finger puppet. The Repurpose Craft session was a creative skill workshop, where children were guided on how to create a usable item from their old garments. Old newspapers were transformed into canvas and children were encouraged to paint on them at the Reuse Craft workshop. The Waste Management Workshop was an informative and fun session where the kids were taken through the process of making compost to be able to have their own potted garden at home. A Book Swap was also organized where kids could exchange their old book with each other and go home with new stories to read through the summer vacations.

The entertainment for the evening was also based on the theme of reuse and recycle to raise environment consciousness amongst the children. There was a Theatrical Play stages where the performance was accentuated with use of all upcycled articles and props. Street Play was another high-spirited performance showcasing today’s need for environment conscious citizens. The kids had great fun using their ‘maracas’, made from old bottles filled with rice, to join in the percussion beats of the high energy drum circle, or in this case Junk Circle, lead by a team of bucket drummers.

A parent of two who attended the event said, “My daughter is 5 and my son is 9 years old, I’m happy that the activities that were planned here kept them both occupied, entertained and they learnt the importance of protecting the environment in a very non-preachy manner. It has been a wonderful Saturday evening for us and we are going home not only with all the lovely articles my kids made today but with wonderful memories as well.”

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