Groomed for Success

Women today are making a splash in various fields the world over. They are standing up for their rights and are no longer willing to be regaled to the background. In such a scenario, it is very essential for women to learn the subtle art of grooming themselves to enhance their personalities and make an impression in their personal and professional lives.

Recognising the important role that women play not only on the home front and their families but in society and careers as well, Rustomjee has organised a special grooming workshop at the Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Development and Learning which will be held on the 11th of March 2018.

The workshop will be conducted by Shebany Moro who wears multiple hats of Stylist, Image Coach and Fitness Enthusiast. She brings a unique combination of philosophy and psychology to her coaching sessions. It is her innate sense of style and passion for holistic grooming that made her evolve as a fashion influencer. Shebany believes, style is inherent to each individual and when consciously groomed, it brings alive every individual’s unique personality. Through her page on Instagram – “brillantetoile” which means a shining star, she intends to create a positive, creative and an inspiring environment where every woman can bring out her own sparkle.

The workshop at Leon’s World is designed to help women from different backgrounds identity their personal styles that respects their comfort and cultural boundaries to dress to build a ‘self image’ that brings out their Confidence, Strength and Inner Diva !

This is a fun workshop while learning invaluable information and skills, covering the following important aspects of grooming:

1. Creating an Impactful First Impression
2. Appropriate Dressing
3. Understanding your body
4. Personal hygiene
5. Guidelines to Skin and Hair care
6. Everyday Makeup skills
7. Importance of accessories
8. Affirmations

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