Moments of Morocco at Rustomjee Paramount

Morocco – that exotic country on the coast of Africa, just the name conjures up images of desert caravans and veiled beauties. The city of Casablanca made famous by the Hollywood hit is one of the largest cities in Morocco.

Rustomjee Paramount is constantly planning to bring new and exciting events for its residents and those who would be a part of the Rustomjee extended social circle. A glimpse into the culture and cuisine of Morocco is one such event and it was aptly termed ‘Moments of Morocco’.

Over a hundred guests of Rustomjee gathered at the Alfresco Sky Lounge at Rustomjee Paramount to sample the flavours of Morocco. Pretty dancers enthralled all as they swayed to the strains of Bedouin music. Delicious barbeque food was served with a choice of beer and drinks.

It was an evening of merriment with just a hint of the exotic and with the spicy notes of a Moroccan night adding to the pleasure of the guests.

The events at Rustomjee Paramount serve to underline the ‘My Spaces’ concept that is such an integral part of the design of the project – specially designed to ensure that residents of this luxury gated community get the time and space to indulge in forgotten interests and explore new horizons.

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