Leon’s World Hosts Avantibai – The unexpected hero of Ramgarh

When one speaks of brave female warriors of India practically everyone has heard of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi, but there is one other brave queen who had stood against the atrocity of the British and died trying to defend her kingdom. This unsung heroine from Indian history is Rani Avantibai, the wife of Vikramjeet Singh, the ruler of Ramgarh (in modern day Madhya Pradesh). She was one of the valiant rulers who fought against the British in the first war for independence in 1857. Though she fought bravely, her army stood no chance against the might of the British and Avantibai finally preferred to take her own life and become a martyr rather than be captured by the British.

It is this story of bravery and sacrifice which is being brought to life in the play Avantibai – The unexpected hero of Ramgarh which will be staged on the 10th of February 2018 at the Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning and Development, Rustomjee Urbania. Rani Avantibai has become a part of folklore and her courageous tale will be dramatically staged by Dr Pooja Jain. The play will be followed by an interactive session where the children can participate in activities and reflect on the various aspects of the story.

The play Avantibai – The unexpected hero of Ramgarh ‘ will be staged at Leon’s World Centre, Rustomjee Urbania on the 10th of February 2018, from 10.15 – 11.15 am (reporting time at the venue is 9.45am) for children aged 4 – 10 years. Tickets are priced at Rs 250/- per person.

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