Republic Day Festivities at Rustomjee Urbania

26th January 1950 is an important date in the history of India as that is the day on which the Constitution came into force and India became a Republic. It is celebrated with a renewed spirit of patriotism each year and 2018 was no different.

At Rustomjee Urbania a special event was organized, at the newly inaugurated Festival Plaza, to celebrate Republic Day and almost 60 adults and children, both residents of Urbania and visitors, participated in the various activities whole heartedly.

The interesting aspect of the Festival Plaza is that it has been specifically designed as a community zone. The residents of Rustomjee Urbania can avail of this unique space for sports, cultural and other recreational activities.

On Republic Day, the Festival Plaza wore a truly festive look – kite vendors presented their wares of ‘phirkis’ and tri-coloured kites. Kids and adults got their kites soaring skywards and everyone was filled with a patriotic zeal as the saffron, white and green kites dotted the skies above Rustomjee Urbania.

There was also a painting competition organized for the children with the theme Clean India, Green India, Kids were divided into different groups based on their age and they enthusiastically displayed their creativity and imagination as they depicted their ideas for a better India – a Vision India – Wall of Art. The kids were also given T-shirts and encouraged to try spray painting on them and they took these home with them as a token of a day well spent.

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