Q & A with Abhyuday Tamhankar, Director @ TWFFW

Q.1 The Wizard From Far West sounds like a magical surreal dark story n yet it is such a positive storyline. What inspired the story?

Abhyuday :- The inspiration came from a real life incident involving a child who so wanted to get away from his family and be on his own..he thought he was a grown up but he still had a lot to see and experience about the world. Yes I did incorporate stage magic in the story to enhance the entertainment quotient.

Q.2 What is the most interesting part of directing a kid’s play? How difficult or easy is it keeping in mind the young impressionable audience it caters too?

Abhyuday :- The most interesting part is to show the darker shades of the world in a lighter yet educative manner. It is not an easy task because being adults we tend to move away from young emotions and perspectives. The most important thing is to go back in time and bring out the child within you. This enables us to look at the world from a naïve perspective which elemental.

Q.3 Is it a play only for kids or is the experience different when parents sit and enjoy it with kids?

Abhyuday :- The play is for kids and adults alike. The content is staged in a manner that would make parents connect to their responsibilities and duties towards their children. After all, the way we raise them will shape up their whole lives. The world at large needs children who are raised in a better and compassionate way.

Q.4 Since your audience is considerably young: – any compliment that you would like to share!!

Abhyuday :- Compliment ? well I would like to say that the moral, social and family values should be imbibed in us from a very early stage in our lives. The best way to do that is visual education and this play like other children’s plays aspires to motivate and inspire young minds.

Q.5 It is said with every outing a play perfects itself…if you have to choose one character to look out for on 6th Aug who will it be?

Abhyuday :- Yes ..stage is an ever evolving platform…every time the written words are being enacted on a stage …the creators and the audience experience layers of emotions being unearthed and added on at the same time. Talking about a character..i would say…the street kid has a lot of potential to be evolved further…I being the writer…would really want that character to do more.


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