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Theatre is an experience which cannot be compared to reading a story or watching a movie. In fact, studies have shown that children are able to better relate to characters, follow a story line and empathize when they are watching a play. This aspect of theatre was very clearly on display at the Leon’s World, Rustomjee Urbania, which hosted the play The Legend of Lachit.

The stage came alive as Dr.Pooja Jain, a Secret Passages storyteller, brought the story of the unsung hero Lachit to the rapt audience at Leon’s World. Incorporating music to add to the drama of crucial scenes; she narrated how at a time when the Mughals had attacked Assam and the people had lost their bravest soldiers, best arms, and above all, hope; a hero was born in war ridden Saraighat. Lachit Borphukhan, one of India’s real life Super Heroes, whose story of grit, wit and valour would be told and retold to children of Assam for eons to come.

The theatre at Leon’s World was almost packed to capacity as close to 50 kids and parents came to experience this novel form of entertainment on Sunday, 2nd July. Some of them had even participated in the Q&A Contest on Rustomjee Leon’s World WhatsApp Group, where parents had helped their children do a bit of research into the history of Lachit and the Ahom dynasty; 10 lucky winners had received free passes from Rustomjee Leon’s World.


The children also actively participated in a session of reflecting on the best part of the story where they expressed themselves through the medium of art by drawing their ‘reflections’.

Rustomjee Leon’s World is making theatre a regular feature and new plays will be hosted on the first Sunday of every month. Just another way of adding to the holistic development of children – something that Rustomjee Leon’s World strives for.

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