Urbania Summer Camp – The Fun Way To Learn

Summer days are for fun and excitement and that is exactly what the Urbania Summer Camp at Leon’s World presented to the children.

After the success of the Winter Camp, the kids and parents both had great expectations from the Summer Camp and Leon’s World did not disappoint. The schedule and activities had been planned in such a way as to cater to everyone’s diverse interests and also allowed children to explore different facets of the creative arts and sports. Some were one day workshops while others comprised of daily sessions for the week. The amazing aspect of the camp was the flexibility it offered with children being free to choose activities and timings as per their convenience. Family time is given a great priority at Rustomjee and in keeping with that mindset, several workshops were planned where the parents could participate with their children and bond over fun!

Right at the moment of entering Leon’s World they were transported into a world of bright colours and quirky settings that fired their imagination. The newly appointed décor of Leon’s World has been especially designed for children. From acoustics in the music room, to the beautiful stage, replete with red curtain, in the mini theatre, every detail has been planned to perfection. Every room, every niche holds something new and interesting for them, which made it the perfect setting for the Urbania Summer Camp.

There were over 100 registrations for the Urbania Summer Camp and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The interactive style of conducting the workshops was not only innovative but got the children involved and gave them the freedom to express themselves. The play Binya Ki Chatri, based on Ruskin Bond’s The Blue Umbrella, was a big hit. The Robomate and Robostormes got the children to experience the laws of science in a fun way while budding magicians were enthralled by the street magic workshops. Cricket enthusiasts got to up their game at the camp, while gymnastics made the kids more limber and provided a constrictive outlet for their energy. The musically inclined as well as those who like to boogey got a taste of the techniques involved. Budding artists not only created their masterpieces but were given a peek into art history and the styles of master artists through the ages.


Speaking about the camp, Mr.Percy S. Chowdhry, Director, Rustomjee Group said, “It has always been our endeavor to make living at Rustomjee an enjoyable experience for all our residents. Childhood is a such an essential and yet fleeting part of growing up that we would like to make these precious years memorable for all the children living within the precincts of our projects. We strive, through our various amenities, green open space and other initiatives, to give children and families a complete, holistic life which goes beyond the mere existential parameters. Leon’s World and the Urbania Summer Camp are one such way in which we are investing in the future – the children.”

The camp concluded with a grand finale that started with a yoga session and then went onto a showcase of Play Back Theatre. The fun wasn’t about to end just yet as Hope – An Opera of Puppets had the audience glued to their performance. This was followed by a Jamming Session by GMC and the camp had an appropriate ending with Drum Circle getting kids and to beat to the rhythm of their heart.

The best part of Leon’s World is that while the Urbania Summer Camp is over, so many of these activities will still continue. The camp was just a taste of what Leon’s World has to offer the children all year round – At Leon’s World, fun and learning are for all seasons!

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