Summer Bliss At Urbania Summer Camp, 2017

Summer vacations are the time when children get easily bored and parents are at their wits ends to keep them constructively entertained. Summer camps come in as a lifeline and not only get the children involved in activities but also help them develop new skills and interests.

The Urbania Summer Camp, 2017, is one with a difference, mainly because of the plethora of activities it offers which are conducted, monitored and supervised by experts in their fields. The camp is of seven days (15 May 2017 and ends on 21 May 2017) but it’s influence on shaping the personalities and creativeness of the children is sure to last for a long time.

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Of course, it being the summer vacations, many would have planned for a short trip away from the city so for those who cannot enroll for all seven days of the camp, an option for attending select one day workshops has also been devised.

We present a highlight of what’s in store:
• Healthy Buddies: a Pre Primary and Primary Sports Fitness and Skill Development Program where coaches from Khiladi Connect Sports Academy will train the kids.
• Cricket Coaching: Teaching the basics of Batting and Bowling along with Fitness Drills essential to the sport.
• Gymnastics: Kids get to learn the basic skills like Pencil Roll, Front Roll, Kart Wheel, Back Roll, Hand Stand with Wall support, Egg Roll and Stretching exercises for flexibility and strength.
• Kickboxing: Kids will learn basics of self defense like blocking, dodging, stamina build-up, focus on mobility and attacking (clean shots) techniques under expert guidance of coaches from Khiladi Connect Sports Academy.
• Around The World: This workshop will cover activities like dramatisation, storytelling, local language, local food, music and dancing. It will explore different places and regions like India, Middle East, Europe, Hawaii, China. It is suited to children between 3 -5 years of age and has been organized by Hop Skip & Play
• Play with Colors: The children will get to explore Crayon and Palettes; different mediums of Colouring. iLeap will be conducting the workshop for children in the age group of 3 – 5 years.
• Art Classes: Conducted by iLeap for older children; kids learn about Artist around the world, Charcoal Art and Doodling.
• Learn Your Tenses: Kids get to learn Tenses in English Grammar. All 3 Present Past and Future tenses will be covered. Phonics Kingdom will be conducting the workshop for kids between 5 – 12 years of age.
• PlayBack Theatre: In this form of Theatre – the conductor asks questions to learn from the storyteller to have a sense of what his story is about. Rangbhumi will be conducting this interesting workshop for children in the 9 -12 years age group.
• Robomate: Robo Wizards will present kids in the 2nd to 4th grades a chance to explore the world of robotics with introductory,iKen based coding. Certificates will be awarded to kids for this course.
• RoboStormers: For older kids, (5th grade onwards) Robo Wizards will use Lego Robotics kits to conduct the program and certificates will be provided to all participants. Certificates will be awarded to kids for this course.
• Jazz: The Danceworx will teach this dance form whose steps and essential style originated from Africans brought to America as slaves!
• Street Magic Workshop: Where kids will be taught by Beyond Extremeness to do magic tricks by using playing cards. There will also be an advanced workshop where they can learn tricks using dice and other props as well.
• Binya Ki Chatri: Secret Passages Storytellers will be staging this lyrical play based on the Book “The Blue Umbrella” by Ruskin Bond.
• Lego Play: FunStation is organizing this workshop where kids get to play with Lego blocks and build structures by putting their imagination at play. Some fun one minute games will be played too.
• Gardening Workshop: Participants get to learn how to prepare soil; how to make seed bombs and learn to make and takeaway cup planters and bottle planter’s .This workshop is conducted by Lets Hug Nature and kids from 3 years and above can participate.
• Script Writing Workshop for Radio: For 12 year olds with an interest in writing and media, Roma Sanadhya will be conducting this workshop where participants learn to write script for Radio programs.

The summer camp is not just for kids alone and there are also opportunities for parents to participate:

• Yo Workouts: A combination of fitness exercises and yoga to optimise overall Health, conducted by Mickey Mehta’s Wellness Temple for all the ‘yummy mummies’.
• Compassionate Communication: Neha Lonari will be organizing this special parenting workshop to empower parents with effective communication tools on how to convey the right message to kids.
• Dance Movement Therapy for Mothers: Keisha Lobo takes this special class for mothers for expression, relaxation and meditation through dance.

While the above programs will be charged a nominal fee, there will also be some workshops which will not be charged such as the Love Circle – attachment program for mothers and babies; demo workshop for Drums and Casio; as well as provision for Origami Paper Craft, Clay Modeling, iMaths Fun and a Book Reading Corner.

Moreover, the camp will culminate in a grand finale celebration on the 21st of May, Sunday which will begin with an energizing yoga session in the morning followed by a Showcase of PlayBack Theatre, An Opera of Puppets by Magical Whispers, Jamming by Global Music Conservatory and Drum Circle by Amrut Bhat.

The Urbania Summer Camp, 2017 is sure to boast of many happy campers!

Nitty-Gritties of the Urbania Summer Camp, 2017:

Dates: 15th – 21st May 2017

Monday – Saturday: 8:00am to 2:00pm
Sunday: 7:30am to 12:15pm

Venue: Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning & Development @ Ground Floor – Rustomjee Cambridge International School, Rustomjee Urbania, Majiwada, Thane West.

Registration Fees: Special discount of 50% off for 1st 100 registrations.

Registration link:

Call-to-action: 022-61116111

Fees: Each workshop will have different charges; some are complimentary

How to Register?:
Please visit the Leon’s World Centre for Holistic Learning & Development @ Ground Floor of Rustomjee Cambridge International School , Majiwada Thane(West) between 10 AM – 3PM between Monday – Friday and meet the Coordinator/Centre Head.

Please Note: Children need to carry only water and a handkerchief/napkin. Food items are strictly not allowed

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