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In these hectic times where competition is mounting and being the best is a constant pressure that children have to face, we find that many parents stress on the academic and tend to ignore developing the other talents in their children. However, the true growth and development of a child involves so much more than the marks on a report card. Rustomjee knows this and therefore stresses on creating an atmosphere which focuses on the holistic development of children. Not only are the projects thoughtfully developed with amenities that are child and family oriented, but also ensure enough open space and green coverage to allow children to connect with nature and experience their early years unbridled. As a part of their quest to get children to realize their true potential, Rustomjee organized two amazing programs especially for children, from the very young to even the mothers, everyone came away enriched.

Born Smart’s Mother Toddler Programme at Leon’s World, Rustomjee Urbania:

As the name suggests, the program was based on the important premise that all children are born smart, it is important to channel and nurture that intelligence in the right way. As the mother is an integral and indispensable part of every child’s formative years, the mothers were also a part of this program. The session of 60 minutes involved interactions between mothers and toddles that featured thoughtfully designed activities to nurture and build motor abilities, language, socio-emotional skills and cognitive skills in toddlers. It was an opportunity for mothers to learn how to stimulate their child’s growing brain and nurture and hone their parenting skills.

Glimpses from Born Smart’s Mother Toddler Programme at Leon’s World, Rustomjee Urbania

Glimpses from Born Smart’s Mother Toddler Programme at Leon’s World, Rustomjee Urbania

Winter Camp at Leon’s World:

Leon’s World at Rustomjee Urbania hosted a fun-packed Winter Camp which had activities for kids and their families. Ensuring that children would have a memorable winter vacation, the activities were planned to encourage skill enhancement and personality development. Primarily targeted at children between the ages of 4 to 14 years, the winter camp included a plethora of activities, including:

• YO Workout Sessions: In collaboration with the Mickey Mehta 360degree Wellness Temple this comprised of a free Yoga session conducted by instructor Karen Doongaji to create a balance in the body and mind.

• Handwriting Improvement Session: Write Right provided handwriting tips to beginners, students, adults and professionals. As we all know, the ability to write legibly affects the quality of a child’s written output and his/her overall academic career. Their innovative methods not only work on handwriting improvement, but also assist in overcoming the technical errors in one’s handwriting.

• Healthy Buddies Program: Children should be encouraged to be physically active and in keeping with this the Healthy Buddies program included cricket training, athletic training and a sports preparedness program for the young ones.

• Outshine Program: Organized by Rollercoaster Edutainment this program was presented as a toolkit to help multi-tasking moms move from where they are to where they want to be real fast. It offered children a fun workshop to boost their self-esteem – every child’s ticket to a lifetime of mental health and social happiness.

Glimpses from Leon's World Winter Camp 2016

Glimpses from Leon’s World Winter Camp 2016

According to Ms.Sareeka Shimoga, a resident of Rustomjee Urbania, who participated in the Outshine Program, “Leon’s world is a fun world provided by Rustomjee builders to their residents. It’s a great gift which each resident having a child will approve off. This winter, they came up with a winter camp for all – kids, parents, oldies. I attended the outshine program – a mother toddler program with the goal to outshine together. Believe me, it was really good. This program is a program for kids to outshine and also for mother’s to outshine. It opened up a lot for me. I went there with my daughter so that she could have some fun and outshine in her life but came back being open to millions of possibilities for myself. My daughter enjoyed too. Life at Rustomjee is different. It’s fun.”

The 7 day Leon’s World Winter Camp concluded on 30th Dec 2016 with some fantastic closing day activities, which again saw active participation by kids and parents alike.

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