Leon’s World – For the Young and Young at Heart

When you think of bringing up your children what is the first thing that comes to mind beyond education? Most parents think of fruitful extracurricular activities for their kids. Wherever a child’s interests and talent lies, parents strive to hone their skills, whether it be the arts like paintings, music and dance or sports like gymnastics, football and cricket or even self-defence classes like judo and karate. Some parents also seek to put their children for activity classes that will tap their intelligence like mathematic or linguistic classes. Very often, parents get stymied by the long distance they have to travel to get their kids to these classes and thus many children are denied the opportunity of living their dreams just because commuting is such an issue in Mumbai.


At Rustomjee, we understand the woes and worries of parents and strive to create environments that provide better childhoods for our children. Children achieve center space in our boardrooms and in our design and development centers. For us, designing a building translates to creating a conducive enriching environment for families and children to grow up in. We believe that a well built environment in terms of open spaces for children to play and interact in can encourage children’s development in multiple ways.


It was this thoughtfulness that led Rustomjee to establish Leon´s World. It is a unique concept developed with an aim to get children to live the ideal childhood through play, fun and learning. Leon’s World consists of a number of specially designed zones that house play equipment, toys and games centring on numeric, linguistic, musical, naturalistic and visual learning.


Each square inch of Leon’s World has been designed in partnership with renowned child experts. The entire activity area has been divided into various growth centers – Leon’s World of Early Learning, Leon’s World of Music and theatre, Leon’s World of Astronomy and Leon’s World of Maths and Science which cater to different aspects of growth and development. The theory proposes the existence of eight intelligences, through which children understand their world. These are the linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily kinesthetic, and interpersonal and the naturalistic intelligence. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory also states that if a child is allowed to explore, he/she could excel in more areas than one. At Leon’s World children can be left free to explore their innate skills and give them a chance to pick up a talent or two.


Apart from the play zones, Leon’s World also offers a structured time table of activities such as Tabla, Vocal, Flute, Dance, Karate, Gymnastics, Football, Art & Craft, Pottery etc. These classes are offered by a group of trained teachers who offer the classes at a nominal fee per student.


Then again, Rustomjee has not forgotten the adults and their aspirations as well, so Leon’s world also offers a range of classes for adults as well. Leon’s World consists of a range of multi-intelligence play spaces that can be used by children and adults alike. It is a space beyond the home and the school where the entire family can come together and spend quality time. And the best part is that it’s right at your threshold which means more time to pursue your dreams!

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About Rustomjee Spaces

At Rustomjee, we have been creating vibrant living spaces since 1996. Today we are considered among the foremost real estate developers in the country. We attribute this success to our unflinching commitment to adhering to the highest quality standards, and consistency in delivery schedules. Till date, we have launched, completed and delivered many state-of-the-art residential complexes, premium homes and impressive commercial facilities. While at it, we have ensured that nature reflects in every space that we create. In fact ever since our first property was built, we have planted over a hundred trees for every constructed building. This is our way of returning to nature what we’ve taken from her.

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