Father’s Day – My Dad, My Hero!

Mothers may be the primary caregivers in most families but it is the fathers who normally take on the role of leading their kids on a journey of exploration and adventure in this wonderful world around us. Fathers are the ones who teach their sons to kick a football and their daughters to brook no nonsense from anyone. From studies to just plain rough housing, dads feature quite prominently in every child’s life.

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This is why it is unfortunate that fathers don’t get much time to spend with their kids when they are busy in their respective careers. Very often, when they are stuck in the rat race it is difficult to take time out and look at the bigger picture – the kids whom they are working so hard to provide for are growing slowly but steadily out of childhood.

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The time to bond and crate memories that your children will cherish is in their foundation years. Rustomjee understands the constraints that fathers face on their time and energy which is why its homes are created with world class amenities that encourage family time. Fathers can spend time teaching their kids swimming, enjoying some music, lie back and gaze at the stars, explore nature or go for a spin on a cycle all within the secure environs of Rustomjee townships. With the hassle of travelling to a destination, fathers have more time to bind with their kids rather than just face frustrating traffic jams.

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In fact, this Father’s Day, on 19th June, why not plan to spend the whole day dedicated to being just a ‘dad’? Plan a whole slew of activities that you love doing with your family. Get to know your kids again on a whole new level and truly connect. They say every dad is a hero in their children’s eyes, this Father’s Day resolve to be a Super Hero!

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Kids, you too can make your father feel special on Father’s Day – Participate in the Rustomjee Father’s Day contest. Leave a message for your dad, #ThankYouDad , telling him what he means to you and what a difference he makes in your life. Loads of interesting prizes to be won!

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