This is all you need to do to get your child hooked towards outdoor games


Over some years, kids have actually lost connection with open green spaces and outdoor activities. It’s a big concern for parents to get their kids on the grounds for some activities. The main hindrance is the high usage of video games, smartphones, television and internet, no wonder children deny stepping out. So what do you do about it?
We tell you some smart tips to get your child ready for some fun activities, however, it is fine if he/she is an introvert by nature, help them overcome the nature.

Here are a couple of games and activities you can try out with your kids.


• Try out mind games like Scrabble – The game kit is very handy and can be carried anywhere, hence it is not a compulsion that you sit at home on the couch and play it. Take you kids out in a garden or a play area below your apartment and let them strike brains against this amazing game. This will also help build their intellect and English vocabulary.

• Go out trekking – Well, announce that you’ll will be heading towards an adventure trip this weekend and kids are going to be just more than happy to hear that. Take out time for them and play along some water sports or cycle races with them. This will encourage them to indulge in outdoor activities quite often.

• Encourage them to participate in school sports – Most of the kids shy away when it comes to joining the school cricket or badminton team. Maybe your child loves the game but is hesitant of approaching people? Build up a confidence in him/her and show interest from your side. Let them go and join the crowd.

• Every Sunday – outdoor games- It’s a best thing to do on every holiday and since Sundays are the perfect ones. Everybody is home and you can just go for a quick swim session or a brisk morning walk followed by yoga or gymnastics? Make it a practice for your kids and they’ll surely enjoy it.


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