Let’s Revisit Childhood

Childhood is one of the most carefree periods of our life – one we wish we could go back to. Funnily enough, several habits that are endearing in a child are mocked at as oddities as we grow older. So we let go of our ability to slip into a world of dreams.

A child ‘dreamer’ is considered to be creative or inquisitive. As children, we have often created a world of our own where our mindless scribbles and wobbly sand castles were applauded and cheered on. Climbing a tree, a swing on the branch or planning a tree-house as your secret hideout were fun-filled adventures. But that time escaped us in the process of growing up. As adults, if you start dreaming during your work hours you can be sure of not receiving the same compliments and should be prepared for some frowns instead. Maybe it is time we reclaimed the right to day dream. Our commitments through the day can hold us back but the comforts of our home is where we can indulge in musing.

People spend nearly 36% of their time at work each day. Work stress for the Gen Y professional has already reached an overload. After hours of facing a high pressure environment, busy schedules, and endless meetings, everybody wants to hit the ‘escape’ button. What better way to that other than indulging in a bit of mind pampering and bringing out the little child in you?

Children look forward to summer vacations as this is the time when they pick up summer hobbies, take up a craft, learn music, swim, spell, cycle, play tennis, football, and cricket. And because fun is the best teacher, building a sandcastle becomes a lesson in physics, planting a seed becomes a lesson in biology, and dance and drama, the perfect course for interpersonal skills.

Children learn best with observation and company. With such facilities available within residential premises, it’s their best chance to beat the heat and get those holidays rolling. Easy accessibility of all these fun-filled events gets them pumped up to explore their childhood further.

At Rustomjee, we believe that children deserve a wholesome childhood and a well-built conducive environment that encourages children to enhance their complete potential which if denied can result into tremendous academic pressure, restrictive and regimented lifestyles. Across the city, our buildings have specially planned spaces for kids of all ages. In this world, children explore trees, gardens, libraries, learning rooms, fun rooms, parks, themselves. Even toddlers will find they are free to explore their world in the safety of padded play areas and baby proofed homes. After all, each of our Growth Spaces have been specially created by a panel of the city’s most eminent child psychologists, trained specialists, and, yes, Moms.

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About Rustomjee Spaces

At Rustomjee, we have been creating vibrant living spaces since 1996. Today we are considered among the foremost real estate developers in the country. We attribute this success to our unflinching commitment to adhering to the highest quality standards, and consistency in delivery schedules. Till date, we have launched, completed and delivered many state-of-the-art residential complexes, premium homes and impressive commercial facilities. While at it, we have ensured that nature reflects in every space that we create. In fact ever since our first property was built, we have planted over a hundred trees for every constructed building. This is our way of returning to nature what we’ve taken from her.

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