Are the Richie-Rich Investors Now Turning to Thane? – Evolution of Thane since 2000!

Previously known as an industrial hub, Thane has moulded itself into investors go to destination for making a real estate investment. Before 2000, Thane was considered as an investment option for investors belonging to the middle and low-income group.

During that time, Mumbai too had vacant spots that were affordable for those looking to buy their first home. However, during the later years, people started migrating from Mumbai’s central and extended central locations to Thane. Post-2000, the growth of Thane’s real estate story took baby steps with some renowned real estate developers in Mumbai showing interest. This trend was observed till late 2004-2005. However, Thane’s real estate witnessed massive demand resulting from increasing population post 2004-2005.

The affordable section of Mumbai’s real estate market was saturated and Thane became dream home destination for investors and home buyers. All this was supported by Thane’s seamless connectivity to Mumbai. That’s when Thane emerged as a preferred destination for modern home buyers. Home seekers belonging to the middle and upper middle class began to flock in Thane.


This cousin city of Mumbai witnessed growth in a number of residential towers that provided residents with amenities and facilities that were once just exclusively available only to the South Mumbai’s realty market. The portfolio of Thane’s real estate advanced from ground plus seven floors buildings to multi-storey towers offering all the modern amenities and luxurious facilities. City’s pleasant surroundings, pollution free environment and greenery all around, broad and better roads, and seamless connectivity helped Thane come in limelight.

Below Mentioned are Factors Driving Investors to Thane City:

1) Abundant Land Availability
Availability of abundant land is one of the major factors that spur growth in Thane’s real estate market. The real estate builders in Mumbai have converted the vast tracts of industrial estates land and defunct factories available in Thane into vast residential complexes that are well-facilitated with all the modern amenities.

2) Good Growth Prospects
Seamless connectivity, availability of land, upcoming metro and promising employment opportunities ensure that the residents would enjoy benefits of growth prospects. The prices of property in Thane have witnessed an increase of 6.7% in the past 50 months.

3) Employment Opportunities
Thane is a free district in Maharashtra providing a way to small, medium manufacturing enterprises, Chemical Zone, IT sector and port based activity. Now, with coming up of TCS in Hiranandani’s Thane project by leasing 2 million sq ft, Thane will surely offer more job opportunities to its residents.

Areas such as Ghodbunder Road, Kasarvadavali and Majiwada boast all the modern amenities and have upcoming residential projects in Thane by many prominent real estate developers.

Thane Makes it to TOP 20! Places Where the RICH want to Make a Real Estate Investment!

Thane has turned out to be one of the posh locations in the state of Maharashtra which is now a house to some of the best real estate projects, not only in Maharashtra but also in the world. You should not be surprised to know that Thane has managed to make its entry in the list of Top 20 zones of the world where the elite class is willing to own a house based on a study conducted on the global real estate industry or better say, the wealth Industry.

This was confirmed by one of the leading real estate consultancy, Knight Frank India that Thane is a notable area where the rich and elite class want to make an investment of their wealth, on the basis of their compiled reports. Chief Economist and national director (Research) for Knight Frank India, Samantak Das, confirmed that Thane is one of the promising satellite cities and is now a favourable destination for the rich to make a real estate investment. He further added excellent infrastructure and high-class connectivity are the reasons Thane has been given this rank.

When a comparison is made between Thane and Mumbai real estate, the ticket size offered in Thane is much affordable and boasts all the modern amenities which is nearly impossible to find in Mumbai. Investors in Thane’s Real Estate are also enjoying a greater ROI when compared to the returns they can expect from their residential apartments in Mumbai.


The added advantage of buying property in Thane is the coming up of Metro which is going to make traveling from Thane to Mumbai seamless and comfortable. This will surely enhance the price of Upcoming residential projects in Thane. Shanghai, Istanbul, Berlin, Los Angeles are among the other popular cities which made it to the Top 20 zones.

Previously, Thane was known for its Industrial sector but it took up the challenge to make way for the development of the realty industry by closing down multiple industries. The Good news here is that some of the notable IT firms are shifting their companies to Thane which will boost the city as a powerful employment hub. This cousin city of Mumbai witnessed growth in a number of residential towers that provided residents with amenities and facilities that were once just exclusively available only to the South Mumbai’s realty market. The portfolio of Thane’s real estate advanced from ground plus seven floors buildings to multi-storey towers offering all the modern amenities and luxurious facilities. City’s pleasant surroundings, pollution free environment and greenery all around, broad and better roads, and seamless connectivity helped Thane come in limelight.

Rustomjee presents Stolen Moments

We often yearn to follow our passions that we used to once nurture long back, before the hectic pace of our professions left no time (or space) for them. Like the luxury of reading a book, hitting the gym, holding the brush and infusing life in a canvass, or re-connecting with the photographer inside us. At Rustomjee, we understand the significance of passion and interests and put in efforts to make meaningful space for them in our day to day life.

On 5th & 6th August 2017, we are holding an exhibition of photography by renowned communications professionals Rahul da Cunha and Prashant Godbole. Both photographers have a penchant for street photography that depicts everyday inspiration for My Spaces and captures moments spontaneously as they occur in real time. The photographs in the exhibit will be a display of their passion for photography, and how they have captured vignettes of everyday life through their camera lens.

Venue: The Lifestyle Gallery, Rustomjee Seasons,Madhusudan Kalelkar Road, Near MIG Club, Kala Nagar, BKC Annexe, Mumbai

Dates: 5th & 6th August, 2017

Time: 10 am – 7 pm

Registration link:

For details, please contact: 022-61116111

Facebook Timeline 1200x628

Join us at Rustomjee Seasons as we showcase an interesting twist on everyday life seen through the lens of Prashant Godbole and Rahul daCunha – watch their passion come alive as they showcase their very own version of ‘My Space’.

Please Note: There are no registration fees

Profile Details of Prashant Godbole & Rahul daCunha are as mentioned below:

Rahul da Cunha:

Since 1986, Rahul daCunha has had two enviable careers. One as the writer and director of memorable plays that have been performed across the USA, the UK, Holland, Germany, South Korea and Malaysia. And the other, as an ad man known for award-winning ad campaigns.

Theatre is his passion and for the past thirty years, he has been the creative force behind some of the most successful plays in the country, from Larins Sahib, which was the first Indian play to be staged at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to I’m Not Bajirao, Class of 84, Pune Highway and The Siddhus of Upper Juhu.

His association with Prashant Godbole goes back to the days of the iconic Hamara Bajaj campaign on which the two worked as a team, a partnership that spanned across three agencies.

Today, he is the Managing Director and Creative Head of daCunha Communications, where he has helmed the creation and development of the iconic Amul butter billboard campaign, the longest running outdoor campaign in the country. He also writes a weekly column in Sunday Mid-Day and has been exploring the photographic medium since 2010, using his lens to capture locations as diverse as Turkey, Greece, France, Egypt, Italy and Varanasi.

Prashant Godbole:

With an advertising career spanning about 30 years, Prashant has seen his work win over 250 metals at award shows like Cannes Lions, D&AD London, One Show, the New York Festival, Asia-Pac Awards and others. He started his career as the art director on the iconic ‘Hamara Bajaj’ campaign, with Rahul da Cunha and has been the driving force behind some of the most talked about campaigns in the industry since.

His journey as a photographer began with the Airtel – Express Yourself campaign, which won accolades for the slice-of-life quality of its imagery. His recent work for the Mumbai Mirror – Hated By Some campaign won him the Photographer of the Year award at Goafest and also picked up metal at the Cannes Advertising Awards, and his work on the Indian Outdoor Advertising Association campaign won gold at Goafest, ADAsia, and picked up silver at Clio Awards in the photography category. His work has been part of group exhibits both in India as well as abroad.

Today, aside from being one of the founder-NCDs of creative boutique ideas@work, he works on photography projects for reputed brands and gives guest lectures at various art schools and photography schools across India. He is passionate about photography and lives to capture on film, life as it unfolds in a moment.

Rustomjee Urbania Presents The Wizard From Far West

Come witness the story of Rohan, a 9 year old spoilt boy whose encounter with the actual world one evening will make him and perhaps you – the audience reckon the virtues and importance of family in life!!

Date: August 6, 2017

Time: 10:00 AM – 11:05 AM

Fee: 250 INR

Age Group: 4 Years & Above

Duration: 65 mins

CALL: 98190 94929 / 98190 60920



Synopsis of the play:

Rohan is a 9 year old child who wishes to be independent. One evening while he is wandering around the streets, he experiences events which make him realize the importance of family, values and virtues in life. Every time he gets into a trouble he is constantly rescued by Mandrake the Magician who uses live magic to help Rohan. The play as a whole presents the relevance of social, civic and family values culminating at imbibing kindness in children.

The story will be presented by Prudence Theatre.

Post Event blog – The Legend of Lachit

Theatre is an experience which cannot be compared to reading a story or watching a movie. In fact, studies have shown that children are able to better relate to characters, follow a story line and empathize when they are watching a play. This aspect of theatre was very clearly on display at the Leon’s World, Rustomjee Urbania, which hosted the play The Legend of Lachit.

The stage came alive as Dr.Pooja Jain, a Secret Passages storyteller, brought the story of the unsung hero Lachit to the rapt audience at Leon’s World. Incorporating music to add to the drama of crucial scenes; she narrated how at a time when the Mughals had attacked Assam and the people had lost their bravest soldiers, best arms, and above all, hope; a hero was born in war ridden Saraighat. Lachit Borphukhan, one of India’s real life Super Heroes, whose story of grit, wit and valour would be told and retold to children of Assam for eons to come.

The theatre at Leon’s World was almost packed to capacity as close to 50 kids and parents came to experience this novel form of entertainment on Sunday, 2nd July. Some of them had even participated in the Q&A Contest on Rustomjee Leon’s World WhatsApp Group, where parents had helped their children do a bit of research into the history of Lachit and the Ahom dynasty; 10 lucky winners had received free passes from Rustomjee Leon’s World.


The children also actively participated in a session of reflecting on the best part of the story where they expressed themselves through the medium of art by drawing their ‘reflections’.

Rustomjee Leon’s World is making theatre a regular feature and new plays will be hosted on the first Sunday of every month. Just another way of adding to the holistic development of children – something that Rustomjee Leon’s World strives for.

The Legend of Lachit, hosted at Leon’s World, Rustomjee Urbania

Leon’s World is committed to the holistic development of children. In keeping with this numerous cultural activities are planned all year round. Art and music are a part of the regular classes conducted at Leon’s World. Further Leon’s World will introduce children to the amazing world of theatre and plays by hosting a play on the First Sunday of Each Month – bringing a wealth of stories to life for these young, impressionable minds.

The initiative will kick off with the “The Legend of Lachit”, based on the story of Lachit Borphukan – the brave warrior hero from Assam who has the National Defence Academy’s Best Cadet Award – named after him.

The Legend of Lachit is a story of wit, bravery and perseverance and how Lachit heroically defended Assam from the force of the monstrous Mughal army. The tales of his bravery have been handed down from generation to generation in Assam. This Shivaji of the East is a name that is less known but is no less heroic and inspires one as much as Maharana Pratap and Rani Laxmibai!

The Legend of Lachit will be presented by Dr Pooja Jain, a certified Secret Passages Storyteller who has been holding story telling sessions for young children. She is also a fine puppeteer & most of her stories are woven with music.

Leon’s World welcomes all to this unique opportunity to expand cultural horizons and experience the magic of theatre. Children will also be encouraged to reflect on what they see or learn from the play through a Reflective Art Session. What better way to spend a Sunday?


Leon’s World Open Mic: Showcase Your Child’s Talent

The one thing that most people are afflicted with is Stage Fright. Even as adults many confess to have ‘mic fear’ – public speaking and performing comes naturally to a lucky few. What is important is that children at a very young age are encouraged to go on stage and perform before a live audience. The more often they do it, the easier it will be to overcome their innate shyness and truly blossom into confident personalities who can face any audience – large or small.

Leon’s World has always been completely focused on ensuring the holistic development of children. This includes boosting their confidence and enabling them to develop well-rounded personalities. In keeping with this, Leon’s World has now initiated the Open Mic platform which will be open to all children between the ages of 3 – 15 on the 4th Sunday of every month.

open mic invite1

Children can come on stage to showcase their various talents, no matter what they feel like presenting, anything and everything is welcome – Singing, Play of Instruments, Dance, Recitation, Drama, Stand-up Comedy or Display of Sporting skills. Solo or in a group, all performances will be appreciated and applauded by an encouraging audience who know what it takes just to be up there on the stage. No competition, no stress, no pressure – all are winners here at the Leon’s World Open Mic.

Tea – The Brew For All Times

Tea – something that we take for granted in our daily lives. Many, countless, households start their day with a cup of their favorite brew. In fact, tea is the second most consumed drink or liquid in the world, second only to water! There are over 1500 varieties of tea in the world. It was only fitting then that Rustomjee organized a special session dedicated to this universal and much preferred brew.



The well-appointed lobby of Rustomjee Paramount was the perfect location for a Tea Tasting Session hosted on 21st May 2007. Living up to the name of ‘My Spaces’ Sunday afternoon allowed over 60 guests the luxury of space and time to enjoy their leisurely pursuit of knowing more about tea. The tea tasting and sommelier session was planned in association with the Tea Culture of the world which presented the guests with the experience of over 12 different varieties of tea and brewing techniques. The guests were pleasantly surprised to get tea samples as gifts to take back with them as aromatic and flavorful keepsakes of the day.




Everyone agreed that it had been the most pleasant way to spend a Sunday and even gain some new insights into this amazing drink that has so many variants. Rustomjee once again proved that it is possible to have it all – a career in the metro city, a home in one of the best residential areas and luxurious amenities as well as the ‘My Space’ in which to pursue your hobbies and interests and just Be!


Father’s Day – Make it a Special One for the Whole Family!

There is an old adage that says, ‘a father is a boy’s first hero and a daughter’s first love,’ it still holds true today – all relationships that a child has in the future are flavoured by the one they have shared with their father. In fact, more and more studies are showing the importance of a father in a child’s growing, formative years. In fact, fathers of this generation are spending more time, almost 45% more, with their children than those of previous generations. The more involved and supportive a father is, the better the child’s development – cognitive, social, academic and the child develops a better sense of self.

Father’s Day is a special day to appreciate a father’s or a father figure’s influence in a child’s life. The idea of celebrating Father’s Day was first voiced by Sonora Dodd, in the USA, who wanted to honour her father who had brought up six children as a single parent with a lot of patience, love and sacrifice. She wanted the world to know that mothers may be the primary caregivers but fathers hold a very important place in a child’s life. Today, over a century since Sonora campaigned for a Father’s Day, it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year in several countries around the globe.

Dads are usually seen as the ‘cool’ parent, the one who is less protective and encourages his kids to explore and move out into the world. A father is the one children turn when it comes to physical activities – when it comes to sports – its Dad all the way! A dad can always be relied upon when it comes to advice on tackling bullies or issues at school. Even Sigmund Freud, has postulated that the greatest need of a child in childhood is that of a father’s protection. Mentor, role model, friend, coach, disciplinarian, protector – a father has so many roles to play in a child’s life…seeing them through life’s ups and downs till the very end.

Unfortunately, most of the time, one finds father’s so caught up in the rat race and the need to be a good provider for the family, that they are left with little time or energy to engage with their children. Due to this, there could be a strain in the bond of this immensely valuable relationship.

Father’s need to make time to be with their children, if not every day of the week, then at least on Sunday’s when ‘going to work’ doesn’t demand all their time. It is no co-incidence that Father’s Day is celebrated on a Sunday! It’s never too late to start building a stronger bond with your child and there are so many ways to do it – become the storyteller at bedtime, weaving magic into their dreams, be their one man cheerleading squad as they strive to make you proud in the sporting arena, help with homework….do anything to forge that connection that is uniquely yours.

Rustomjee, the thoughtful developer, understands the importance of fathers in a child’s life. Which is why at Leon’s World, Rustomjee Urbania, there are not only activities that are geared towards the holistic development of a child, but also that encourage family bonding. This Father’s Day, 18th June, dads and kids can treat themselves to an amazing time at Leon’s World Centre with great activities that will make spending time together super fun! Team up with your kids for Cricket Mania, Hoop Away, Sock The Ladder, My Daddy Strongest , Minute to Win and Hit The Wicket. For children between the ages of 3 – 14 and dads of all ages, mothers are welcome too. At Leon’s World, Father’s Day is just another reason to have a family Fun-day!


Urbania Summer Camp – The Fun Way To Learn

Summer days are for fun and excitement and that is exactly what the Urbania Summer Camp at Leon’s World presented to the children.

After the success of the Winter Camp, the kids and parents both had great expectations from the Summer Camp and Leon’s World did not disappoint. The schedule and activities had been planned in such a way as to cater to everyone’s diverse interests and also allowed children to explore different facets of the creative arts and sports. Some were one day workshops while others comprised of daily sessions for the week. The amazing aspect of the camp was the flexibility it offered with children being free to choose activities and timings as per their convenience. Family time is given a great priority at Rustomjee and in keeping with that mindset, several workshops were planned where the parents could participate with their children and bond over fun!

Right at the moment of entering Leon’s World they were transported into a world of bright colours and quirky settings that fired their imagination. The newly appointed décor of Leon’s World has been especially designed for children. From acoustics in the music room, to the beautiful stage, replete with red curtain, in the mini theatre, every detail has been planned to perfection. Every room, every niche holds something new and interesting for them, which made it the perfect setting for the Urbania Summer Camp.

There were over 100 registrations for the Urbania Summer Camp and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The interactive style of conducting the workshops was not only innovative but got the children involved and gave them the freedom to express themselves. The play Binya Ki Chatri, based on Ruskin Bond’s The Blue Umbrella, was a big hit. The Robomate and Robostormes got the children to experience the laws of science in a fun way while budding magicians were enthralled by the street magic workshops. Cricket enthusiasts got to up their game at the camp, while gymnastics made the kids more limber and provided a constrictive outlet for their energy. The musically inclined as well as those who like to boogey got a taste of the techniques involved. Budding artists not only created their masterpieces but were given a peek into art history and the styles of master artists through the ages.


Speaking about the camp, Mr.Percy S. Chowdhry, Director, Rustomjee Group said, “It has always been our endeavor to make living at Rustomjee an enjoyable experience for all our residents. Childhood is a such an essential and yet fleeting part of growing up that we would like to make these precious years memorable for all the children living within the precincts of our projects. We strive, through our various amenities, green open space and other initiatives, to give children and families a complete, holistic life which goes beyond the mere existential parameters. Leon’s World and the Urbania Summer Camp are one such way in which we are investing in the future – the children.”

The camp concluded with a grand finale that started with a yoga session and then went onto a showcase of Play Back Theatre. The fun wasn’t about to end just yet as Hope – An Opera of Puppets had the audience glued to their performance. This was followed by a Jamming Session by GMC and the camp had an appropriate ending with Drum Circle getting kids and to beat to the rhythm of their heart.

The best part of Leon’s World is that while the Urbania Summer Camp is over, so many of these activities will still continue. The camp was just a taste of what Leon’s World has to offer the children all year round – At Leon’s World, fun and learning are for all seasons!